Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I will do better...

So it seems I have fallen a little of the track of updating my blog...wait ok ALOT off the track! My sister reminded me today on my facebook so here I am.

This title I think fits this blog well...I will do better at updating-my blog...yes, but also I want to do better at my relationship with God, and do better at the little things in life that make things easier whether it be a friendship, or relationship with boyfriend, family and coworkers. I went to church this Sunday with Sarah, you see I havent quite found that church that I just really enjoyed here in College Station yet. I have tried several different ones from time to time, but just havent found my niche in churches...until this weekend! I was so happy and felt so good when I left. I could not wait to go back, I could not wait to tell my sister and parents I had finally found that one church I loved!! It was an amazing feeling!!!

Onto another note- we are doing Secret Santa at work!! I have not participated in this fun little Christmas tradition in forever it seems!! I LOVE IT! It has been soo much fun getting my person their gifts and be secretive about it all, and writing little poems for her to read!!!! :) And I must say that I have a WONDERFUL SANTA AS WELL!! The first day they got me all sour candies-may favorite...in a santa hat!!! It was awesome! And it had a cute poem to go with yet! Yesterday I got headbands, nail polish, and a pink sparkly nail file!!!...annnd another cute lil poem again!!! Then today I came to work and in my leasing box was my gift!! My clever little Santa got Rocky some treats, a toy, and a dog bone and me some gatorade with a cute poem!! It was so cute!! I cant wait for tomorrow to see what my little santa has in store for me...especially since I am only here a 1/2 day!!! and gone on Friday!!! And most of all I cant wait to find out who this little clever one is!!!

Well I need to get back to work...things are really crazy around here!!! :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bridesmaid Weekend

It is my weekend to be bridesmaid and for the first time ever! This is my first wedding to be in and I couldnt be happier that it is for Erin! She is such a great friend, will be a beautiful bride, and an amazing wife to Tanner! I went to Fort Worth this weekend to spend the day and night with her and take her out for her last single weekend since I could not make it to her bachelorette party due to turn. We had a blast just hanging out and catching up!! I cannot wait for this weekend it should be a load of fun!! I also had to drop off Rocky with the grandparents. He went to visit them with cousin Bailey since I am in the wedding and they will bring him back my birthday weekend. They love their vacations for the grandparents house. They have a blast.

Well a lot has happened in the job setting since the last time I wrote. I am currently the only one in the leasing office...all alone. Carmen left me to work at Callaway House. It is not the same without her...she really made my job enjoyable and was a great friendship to have. We still eat lunch and talk all the time its just so different being up here by myself. And I often sit and think when will all the cadiness(sp?) of girls go away? Will girls ever reach the age where they understand it isnt cool to talk behind everyones back? I have come to the conclusion probably not since I have been around it for over 1/2 of my life now. Oh well all we can do is ignore it...pick up and go on. That is one thing that I do enjoy on being up front by myself....is I can keep myself out of all the drama and cadiness. I do not want to get caught up in all of that it is not for me, nor will it ever be.

Anyways....Josh is in colorado and doing amazing! He is loving it so Much!! Here is a picture of him in the mountains that he sent to me yesterday!!

I cannot wait to go visit him and see all the beautiful mountains and the cool air. I fly out at 3:30 Oct. 2! I have a couple of good weekends to look forward to. This weekend is Erins wedding...Next weekend I get Rocky back and COUP BACK!!! WHOOP!and my parents and sister are coming down for my birthday!!! Then Tuesday we are going out to eat and Brandon Rhyder for my birthday!! And then Friday I fly out to see the love of my life!! I cannot wait for all of these events! It is these things that keep me upbeat and enjoying life!! :)

Here are some pictures from the last weekends with friends and Ziegfest...which equals Amazing!! We had a blast!!!

Well there is the latest few things going on. Now back to work ;)

Monday, August 3, 2009

I wanna +Love You Forever+

Well here we are and into August of 2009! Crazy how fast time flies. August is just a month full of events for me. I start turn at work this Friday which means we have move-out on the 7th and move-in on the 22 so between those dates we have to get all the rooms ready for the new residents. ALOT of hours and work I have been told! I am preparing myself as much as I can for this torture I hear coming my way with rest and a night or two of mixed drinks! I just got back from an amazing weekend in Fredericksburg with Josh and Rocky! We had such a great time. We rented a little house and cooked out the first night and shopped and went to Luckenbach and most of all just spent time together! It was such a blessing to get to be with him for a weekend with no worries, no plans, and just the two of us. He is about to leave to Colorado for three months and this was just the right thing for us to do before he left and I start turn! He is such an amazing person and I am so lucky to have him in my life! The picture is of us in Luckenback, Texas~! Sunday morning we took Rocky walking thru downtown Fredericksburg and then ate Subway outside with rocky!! IT was so fun! Then we parted our ways and said goodbye and this time it was much harder than usual. I cried when he started to walk away but I tried to hide it, he came back and I couldnt stop the tears then. This was the first time I have cried when we have left eachother in a loong time, but he was super sweet and made me realize even more how strong our relationship is and how much he loves me and we will be fine. I miss him already.

Onto another note. I am more and more a grown up now. I moved into my own apartment a little over a week ago. Its mine and Rockys new little place that we can call home, and you know what, we could not be happier. We go on our walks, play frisbee, and lounge around all night if we want to! It is super nice! We are starting to get back in the routine of working out again because wheeew I need it. My parents and Josh came down to help me move in and it was such a great weekend to get to spend with them! Life is good! And I get Coup back the end of this month! Life is good! I have a lot of things to look forward to the next few months! I will be better at posting more! :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Catz- Up!

Wow. So It has been quite a while since I have updated this thing. I am going to try and get a little better with keeping up with this thing. So a lot has happened since my last post. Lets see I completed my internship, graduated from Texas A&M University Whoop!, and got a job.

At my internship I could not have asked for better co-workers, and supervisors. They were all amazing which made my internship all the more enjoyable. I learned a lot and was sad to see it come to an end, as well as my senior year.

Graduation came and went so fast. I had a blast with my family and friends. It was all so surreal as I sat in the chair waiting to walk across the stage at Texas A&m. It was an amazing commencement!! Afterwards, we all went out to the Hook for my graduation party, and I could not have asked for a better night at the Hook. It had rained during my graduation so everyone was scared to go out, so therefore it was literally my family and friends and one other table and an acoustic show!!!! We all enjoyed it soo much!!!!

Now I have started my new job for American Campus Communities at the Callaway Villas. I really enjoy it! We are super busy right now and I am exhausted! But loving every minute of it!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar Night..

Here's pics from Sarahs Boil!

Watching the Oscars and job searching...yay for Sundays!

What a great few weeks I have had!! Let's see Sarahs birthday boil was a blast 2 weekends ago. I didnt get to see Josh much because we were just both busy and I had a barrel race and he played golf!! But we still had a blast!!! Last weekend he came down again...we were suppose to go to Mesina Hoff but he did not get off of work in time to make it for our reservations. We decided to go see B RHy with sarah and Kev and had a blast!! The weekend was just amazing..we just got to spend time together!!!

I went to FW to see my sister and parents this weekend! It was a blast. You never know what the Noahs will be up to when we all get together. It was soo good to see my parents and sister! We had a lot of fun and it was just a chill weekend~! My Fav!! I got a new hair-do...which I love!!! Went to church this morning and heard Mr. Ron Hall and Denver Moore speak, they are the co-authors of The Same Kind of Different as Me. I cannot wait to read this book...even though I know it is going to make me cry because I almost cried today. I thank TJ and Brandi for taking me with them to church this morning it was great. I need to start going again!

On the agenda for the week to come- I need to hard core get ready for the TAAF 4x4 flag footbal tournament that I am putting on for my internship and this weekend--well I get to see Josh and we are going to go watch Taken Finally!!! :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

3 degrees below Tired....

wow....this internship is draining me. I work all day, come home and either ride Coup or run or do both...then I eat dinner shower and bed. It is a cycle that continues and I am wore out. I didnt work out or ride today because I needed to take care of some things and get a break!! I am tired!!

So I have started job searching...ick. I have to call on some places tomorrow but other than that, thats as far as i have got.

This weekend should be pretty fun! Its Sarahs annual birthday crawfish boil!! We all ordered shirts and then are going out! It should be a lot of fun and I am excited!! PLUS Josh is coming down tomorrow!!! I get to see him three weekends in a row...plus next weekend for Valentines day. (Even though I have to work most the day..ugh)

I miss my sister...and my parents! Why cant they live closer where we can hang out! We all have so much fun..im super lucky for my family and its times like this where I want them here.

Well I will post pics from the boil this weekend and get better on updating!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Tis done...

Well...the adventure of starting this blog took longer than expected. But now it is up...Yay! I opened up a gmail account due to the fact that I am now job searching....scary. I have now set up an account with the career center in hopes of finding a job in the near future.
To be honest...the whole thought really scares me. I am growing up and it is not that I am not ready to get a full time job and be a grown up....it is the fact that I dont know where this job will lead me. I want so bad to be near Josh..which may sound dumb to many, But not to me. Why would I want to live far from someone who means so much to me, completes me, and makes me super happy. I know I cant control what happens in the future but I hope for once maybe it will work out for me and I will get to be near Josh!

Anyways....I do advise those to see Gran Torino..it is a great movie!!
And a new show on the great station ABC is True Beauty! kinda cliche but I like it!! And the Bachelor!! Man, ABC is just a great station!! hehe

A lesson I learned this weekend (well kind of a lot lately):
Dont stretch yourself thin for those who would not do the same for you. It isn't worth you straining a muscle.

Off to bed!