Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dedication to My Sister, Brandi

" A sister is God's way of taking care of us"~

My sister is getting married in TWO DAYS!! I cant wait! Not going to say too much because I dont want to give away my speech!!!
But I will say:
I can't wait for this next chapter in her life to unfold! I love you Brandi and Congrats! :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weekend at Home..

Something I never knew would be so refreshing! and boy am I excited! I have been home 1 weekend out of the last 10 weeks...this weekend could not have come at the more perfect time! Time at home to relax and get everything together for my amazing sisters wedding! I am so excited and cannot wait for this exciting time for her!! This weekend is next week!! a day of prepping for Brandi's big day, getting Coupers pen ready for his big arrival in June, Cleaning the house, & Laundry! Our house will finally be back to normal, & I will already be packed for Brandi's wedding and ready to head out on Wednesday!!! I could not be more excited for my sister...and hope I make it through my speech!!!:)

Another thing that I am really looking forward to is church on Sunday. I am sure many can agree when moving to a new place it is always challenging to find your new home at a church. I had finally found one that both Josh and I were in love with in College Station & honestly, it was hard for me to leave it. I was really upset about it, because I did not believe we would find anything that great here in Kerrville. Josh has been very encouraging that we will try our hardest to find our niche at a church here in Kerrville, and I hope he is right. I have prayed about it and boy does god answer prayers! This is going to be our first weekend home and we had talked about visiting a church on Sunday, but do not know of many. This week I went home a different way, and if I didnt go by a church with a HUGE sign that says "Contemperary Service 11am" Josh had mentioned this church to try, and I feel that me driving by this week is a little message from God that this church should be our first visit~! :) So this Sunday Josh and I are getting to make our first visit on the journey to finding our new church family. I hope and pray that this church is it! because I would love to get involved in a christian family again, I miss it. God is good!! :P Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Monday, May 9, 2011

"Mad About A Man"

Where to Start...I fell behind a little on my blogging the last few weeks. What am I thinking??...oh wait maybe it has a little something to do with this thing called Love!! Everyone is getting hitched and partying...and I am not missing one part!! :) Resuult: lots of driving, fun, smiling, and seeing friends! Only bad thing is Rocky has been at his Aunt Brandi's for 2 weeks now and I wont see him for another 2:( Josh and I miss him a lot!

We are 3 weddings down and 2 bachelorette/bachelor parties down! 3 more weddings(this weekend, memorial day weekend, & June)to go and then things will slow down...well kind of then our wedding planning starts in full force!! It already feels so much like Summer and I love it! Just wish I was still young and had a "Summer Break"! 2 weekends ago I got to float the river for Jessica's bachelorette party! That was a lot of fun! I really enjoy the river!!

This past weekend was my sister's bachelorette party! We had a "Mad Men" themed party! It was fun! It also included an afternoon at the pool and on the boat at Lake Travis...not too shabby! It was a long fun filled weekend that turned out to be perfect! We did a photo shoot and had a professional photagrapher, ate at Sandra Bullocks restaurant, got told we were the best Bachelorette Party they have ever seen, and even got VIP bottle service for FREE at a bar!! :) I am exhausted tonight, but happy to be home! Here are some pictures from the fabulous Mad Men Party!

This weeekend we will head to Houston for Mike & Jess's big wedding weekend! :)