Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tiki Thursday!

This is one of my new favorite days of the week! :) We have a Hibachi & Sushi restaurant in Kerrville! Yes, believe it or not we do! And it is delish! Last week Josh had to come to town to buy some groceries so we decided to go out to eat after, and of course chose Bonzai! While we were waiting on Taylor and Travis to meet us we casually sat at the bar and asked about their drink specials! The wonderful bartender informed us it was "Tiki Thursday" In which we were extremely excited! Josh jumps at the chance to order a girly drink because it is "on special" After reviewing the menu I went with the "Pink Chi Chi" then as the words came out of my mouth when I ordered it....made it sound even worse! Then to top it off we were served in cool little glasses, that Josh was super happy about because it disguised his girly drink!

We planned on going back today with Colby, the assistant golf pro from work, (yes another COLBY!!! ) but instead got the opportunity to go to the Spurs game tonight! So at 5 o'clock we are head to SA to watch the Spurs! I will be the one center court three rows up with the cute blond hair blue eyed boy! :) Can't wait!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday Movie Night!

So Josh and I decided to start doing a Monday Movie/Date night! We chose Monday because this is the day that we have no shows on TV now that the Bachelor is over. Yes, Josh did watch the Bachelor with me, and at times I swore he was into it way more than me!! With that wonderful show ending, no one we were too interested in on Dancing With the Stars starting, we decided to make this a movie night! Every Monday I will rent a movie from the redbox and then we cook dinner together and watch it! It may sound corny, but I think it is really important in relationships to have these special nights for each other and dedicated the night to the two of you and make it special! It reminds each of us to keep each other a priority, and that the other person is our #1 and we strive to keep them happy! Since Bachelor has only been over for 2 weeks now this was our second week to do it! Last week we made blackened Tilapia, rice, and veggies and watched Salt! I really enjoy this movie because it keeps you guessing the entire time. I'm sure plenty say it is corny or retarded, but it is actually pretty good and keeps you involved the entire time. Yes, a little of it is far fetched, but just look passed that!!

This week we rented Due Date

Josh has been wanting to see this for quite some time. Every time we were at wal-mart he would say with excitement " Oh Due Date, I want to see that. It looks Funny. I think I am going to buy it" as we were walking by, and then of course it would slip his mind. I would not mention it again because we have so many movies and I had no clue what it was about so wanted to watch it first! So last night I get home and we are making homemade pizza and I say "I don't even know what this movie is about" In which he replies " Me either" I died laughing! Really Josh, You have been dying to see this movie and have no clue what it is about? he says Yep! Oh that boy, he cracks me up! So we put our delish pizza in the oven to cook, Josh showers while I try and watch Secret Life (Josh won't watch it), then our pizza is ready! We sit and watch Due Date while munching down on some homemade pizza! Movie was super funny, & Pizza was rather amazing! It was a great night all around! I look forward to next weeks movie! :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Non-Hunter dates Hunting Guide

As everyone knows my dear boyfriend works as a hunting guide for his profession, most guys dream jobs. I must admit he has a pretty cool gig, and it is awesome that he enjoys what he does so much and takes pride in succeeding at his job! I, on the other hand, was never around hunting much growing up. I was too involved in sports & horses, loving animals and not guns! I have been "varmint" hunting in my days, but nothing past that. Josh was going to let me shoot an axis for Christmas in 2009, something I had been begging to do! I am a pretty good shot (usually), and I wanted to kill something cool....or at least I thought I did. We sat in the blind, the Axis looked awesome and beautiful as they began to come into the blind. Then I hear those oh so terrible words "There is the one you will shoot. He is Perfect. Get your gun set." So I did, but through all this I was simply terrified...uneasy feeling...and I didn't want to. But I am not one to quit- Yes I know this is not a competition, but everything seems to be a competition between us! lol. Turns out the Axis spooked from something, and not me, and I was relieved. I waited until we got back to the truck and told Josh "I don't think I could kill anything other than a varmint" in which he replied "ah, you will get use to it"

Aug. 2010 Josh was on a hunting show! Pretty cool right!? Yes, but that is the day I 150% decided I am not a hunter! I got to watch them call in the Elk and then shoot it. So sad! I knew I could never do that! I handle all of this by telling myself "It IS the circle of life, and it IS a food chain. This stuff is real" Plus TNT does not just shoot these gorgeous animals to kill! They use the meat, and we do eat it! Or the hunters take it and process the meat! Either way it IS used! I am not that girl that is "OMG you killed the little animal" trust me!

Although, I am a huge animal lover I do handle his job fine! I can see the animals alive, and then dead and I am fine. I just don't like seeing them shot, or ran over for that matter. I witnessed Josh hit a deer in front of me, and my heart broke. It upset me, I will never be okay with them getting hit by cars :(. Josh couldn't do anything because I was behind him and a truck was on my butt and would have hit me. Boobi Miles was fine.

I love all the animals at the ranch, and I love getting to feed them and watch them. I, of course, always talk to them! We do have one really tamed doe named Mariposa. The old worker on the ranch raised her and she will still come up and eat out of your hand. She is getting older, so we get nervous if we don't see her for awhile, but we have seen her three times recently! She is so tiny and neat!! Here is a pic of her!

Along with Mariposa I have also found another little doe I love. I named her Thelma!
On my very first day at my new job I saw her in the ditch eating, and she continued to be in the same area for many weeks. I told Josh about her, and how I think that she must have seen her mom get ran over because she is still in the same area, annnnd has not been hit yet. One night on our way home from San Antonio she was there and I showed her to him! He asked if I wanted to try and catch her, DUH! So we turned around to try and capture my cute little friend I had grown to love! Unfortunately, Josh thought she was only a few months old from how I talked about her, but it turns out she is about 8 months old....which meant too big to catch :( I was bummed, but happy to know she was old enough to survive without her mom!! Here we are 2.5 months later from the first time I saw her and she is still there!! She does do a little roaming because we have seen her up the road further, but she always goes back! Josh always looks for her & Now Taylor has event noticed her! It is pretty neat! I love seeing her. Sure hope she doesn't get hit or I am going to be pretty bummed. Maybe we will somehow get her to our ranch someday soon!!! :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Driving Gypsy

So time is flying by now! Wedding festivities have begun full force, just ask my body, car, and washer machine! I love getting to see everyone and catching up! I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends that when we get together it is as if we never missed a beat! This weekend I am going to Houston to see my dear friend Lindsay who got engaged a month ago! I am so excited, especially since I had to miss her engagement party this past Saturday.

I'm leaving the man at the house for a "Bachelor" party! Our good friend from back home is coming up with some friends to celebrate. He gets married April 23! This is one of the 2 weddings we have that weekend and they are over 5 hours apart, one being on Friday and one on Saturday AND we are both in the weddings. Both of these are very special to us and it broke our hearts that we could not be at both. But my creative mind came up with a marvelous idea, if I do say so myself! And we have now managed to make Amy's rehearsal together, and will both be at Bo's wedding!! :) We are both excited.

My bridesmaid dress for my sister and Jessica's weddings have both come in! I am so excited for the both Brandi & Jessica as their special day is approaching!

With all these weddings I have decided to kick my butt into a little bit more high gear of working out. Waking up at 5:20 is getting a little easier, but boy do I feel better after my morning work out! I bought some new amazing running shoes last week that I love! Erin, I went with the Brooks also, and could not agree more with you!! Great minds think a like! My knees & ankles thank me and I thank Brooks for letting me be able to run again without my knees hurting!!!

On another quick last note, my dad is having knee surgery on Friday, March 25 with Dr. Barnhill. He is the same Dr. who did my knee surgeries. It is a little scope to fix meniscus, but please keep him in your prayers. Have a great Hump Day!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Every day seems like Vacay!

So I now live out in the middle of no where on a 3,000 acre ranch! Quite the adjustment from living in a college town with tons of restaurants, bars, people my age, and happy hours galore! :) Crazy thing is I don't miss it one bit! There are days where I wish we didn't have to cook, but I absolutely love my new home! I have 3,000 acres to run, explore, and have fun with all of the puppies and Josh, a beautiful view to wake up to every day, and most of all I get to spend every day with my best friend! I could not be happier!

I love taking pictures, and am working on getting better with my photo eye! I love to take pictures around the ranch when the weather is nice! Here are a few shots I have snapped over the weekends when the weather is nice! I will have to post my first arrowhead find after i take a picture! It is a broken one, but still a good piece! I was very happy! :) If anyone is ever bored and wants to come visit us give us a call...on our landline! :) We love visitors, and I can guarantee you will have a good time and we will feed you well:)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Truly Blessed

So last week was super crazy with everything at work! I absolutely love my job, and this week it definitely challenged me! I was super busy all week long helping plan an event called 1st Friday Wine Share that Kerrville has the first Friday of every month. This month we-Comanche Trace- hosted it! Let me explain what this not so little event is. 1st Friday of everyone month a different location host the event and you bring a bottle of wine per 2 people and 2 wine glasses. You show up, set your wine bottle down, and begin drinking whatever wine you choose. Then just mingle and get drunk of wine basically lol.We also had the "official" after party at the Club, which was a lot bigger than expected. We had to close down the entire club house, and were fully booked with reservations 5 days prior to the event. Awesome right? yes and no! We had people calling all the way up until 4pm the day of event trying to get in, along with people showing up at the door, and last minute cancellations. This also meant, I was constantly changing floor plans, RSVP list, and communicating to a waitstaff of 10+ the constant changes. Needless to say it was a great success and a ton of fun! To top it off my parents and Josh got to come to the event! We had so much fun! And I was so blessed that they met so many nice people to mingle with while I ran around, and then were there with me when I got off after a 12 hr day! :) God has truly blessed me with an amazing life and I thank him every day for all he has done! Here are some of the shots I took from the event! :)

It was a great success and wrapped up end of the week so I could enjoy my weekend with my family! Everything was smooth-minus the small injury I did to may right arm/shoulder, in which I am still feeling pain from. Clumsy. The weekend continued to be a great time! Tennis, Arrowhead Hunting, Feeding the deer, shopping, eating! :) One wonderful weekend!