Friday, March 25, 2011

Non-Hunter dates Hunting Guide

As everyone knows my dear boyfriend works as a hunting guide for his profession, most guys dream jobs. I must admit he has a pretty cool gig, and it is awesome that he enjoys what he does so much and takes pride in succeeding at his job! I, on the other hand, was never around hunting much growing up. I was too involved in sports & horses, loving animals and not guns! I have been "varmint" hunting in my days, but nothing past that. Josh was going to let me shoot an axis for Christmas in 2009, something I had been begging to do! I am a pretty good shot (usually), and I wanted to kill something cool....or at least I thought I did. We sat in the blind, the Axis looked awesome and beautiful as they began to come into the blind. Then I hear those oh so terrible words "There is the one you will shoot. He is Perfect. Get your gun set." So I did, but through all this I was simply terrified...uneasy feeling...and I didn't want to. But I am not one to quit- Yes I know this is not a competition, but everything seems to be a competition between us! lol. Turns out the Axis spooked from something, and not me, and I was relieved. I waited until we got back to the truck and told Josh "I don't think I could kill anything other than a varmint" in which he replied "ah, you will get use to it"

Aug. 2010 Josh was on a hunting show! Pretty cool right!? Yes, but that is the day I 150% decided I am not a hunter! I got to watch them call in the Elk and then shoot it. So sad! I knew I could never do that! I handle all of this by telling myself "It IS the circle of life, and it IS a food chain. This stuff is real" Plus TNT does not just shoot these gorgeous animals to kill! They use the meat, and we do eat it! Or the hunters take it and process the meat! Either way it IS used! I am not that girl that is "OMG you killed the little animal" trust me!

Although, I am a huge animal lover I do handle his job fine! I can see the animals alive, and then dead and I am fine. I just don't like seeing them shot, or ran over for that matter. I witnessed Josh hit a deer in front of me, and my heart broke. It upset me, I will never be okay with them getting hit by cars :(. Josh couldn't do anything because I was behind him and a truck was on my butt and would have hit me. Boobi Miles was fine.

I love all the animals at the ranch, and I love getting to feed them and watch them. I, of course, always talk to them! We do have one really tamed doe named Mariposa. The old worker on the ranch raised her and she will still come up and eat out of your hand. She is getting older, so we get nervous if we don't see her for awhile, but we have seen her three times recently! She is so tiny and neat!! Here is a pic of her!

Along with Mariposa I have also found another little doe I love. I named her Thelma!
On my very first day at my new job I saw her in the ditch eating, and she continued to be in the same area for many weeks. I told Josh about her, and how I think that she must have seen her mom get ran over because she is still in the same area, annnnd has not been hit yet. One night on our way home from San Antonio she was there and I showed her to him! He asked if I wanted to try and catch her, DUH! So we turned around to try and capture my cute little friend I had grown to love! Unfortunately, Josh thought she was only a few months old from how I talked about her, but it turns out she is about 8 months old....which meant too big to catch :( I was bummed, but happy to know she was old enough to survive without her mom!! Here we are 2.5 months later from the first time I saw her and she is still there!! She does do a little roaming because we have seen her up the road further, but she always goes back! Josh always looks for her & Now Taylor has event noticed her! It is pretty neat! I love seeing her. Sure hope she doesn't get hit or I am going to be pretty bummed. Maybe we will somehow get her to our ranch someday soon!!! :)

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  1. I'm the same way! I don't mind if Tanner goes hunting. I love the meat and don't mind preparing it at all! It's organic and healthy! Until you chip a tooth on a BB like I did the other day :( But I definitely don't have any desire to partake in the killing, and I really don't like hearing about it in detail from Tanner. I did go duck hunting and dove hunting with Tanner in the past and enjoyed in then, but ever since Tater got hit by a car, for some reason I've totally lost interest in any hunting. Fishing is fine though!