Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar Night..

Here's pics from Sarahs Boil!

Watching the Oscars and job searching...yay for Sundays!

What a great few weeks I have had!! Let's see Sarahs birthday boil was a blast 2 weekends ago. I didnt get to see Josh much because we were just both busy and I had a barrel race and he played golf!! But we still had a blast!!! Last weekend he came down again...we were suppose to go to Mesina Hoff but he did not get off of work in time to make it for our reservations. We decided to go see B RHy with sarah and Kev and had a blast!! The weekend was just amazing..we just got to spend time together!!!

I went to FW to see my sister and parents this weekend! It was a blast. You never know what the Noahs will be up to when we all get together. It was soo good to see my parents and sister! We had a lot of fun and it was just a chill weekend~! My Fav!! I got a new hair-do...which I love!!! Went to church this morning and heard Mr. Ron Hall and Denver Moore speak, they are the co-authors of The Same Kind of Different as Me. I cannot wait to read this book...even though I know it is going to make me cry because I almost cried today. I thank TJ and Brandi for taking me with them to church this morning it was great. I need to start going again!

On the agenda for the week to come- I need to hard core get ready for the TAAF 4x4 flag footbal tournament that I am putting on for my internship and this weekend--well I get to see Josh and we are going to go watch Taken Finally!!! :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

3 degrees below Tired....

wow....this internship is draining me. I work all day, come home and either ride Coup or run or do both...then I eat dinner shower and bed. It is a cycle that continues and I am wore out. I didnt work out or ride today because I needed to take care of some things and get a break!! I am tired!!

So I have started job searching...ick. I have to call on some places tomorrow but other than that, thats as far as i have got.

This weekend should be pretty fun! Its Sarahs annual birthday crawfish boil!! We all ordered shirts and then are going out! It should be a lot of fun and I am excited!! PLUS Josh is coming down tomorrow!!! I get to see him three weekends in a next weekend for Valentines day. (Even though I have to work most the day..ugh)

I miss my sister...and my parents! Why cant they live closer where we can hang out! We all have so much super lucky for my family and its times like this where I want them here.

Well I will post pics from the boil this weekend and get better on updating!!