Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend {Wrap~Up}

Monday, you have come back around. I sure hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We did, despite the cold weather :) I must say, I hate the cold, but I love it! :) 'Tis true, you can do both! 

Friday Josh and I enjoyed a night in. We had pizza and watched 7 Days in Utopia! It was a nice relaxing night, Rocky thought so at least!

Saturday we lounged around all morning then went into town to run a few errands before Josh's teetime at 2pm. I was going to ride with him, but a friend ended up going, so Brittney and I carved pumpkins before getting ready for halloween!

Josh and I got all dressed up for halloween this year! It was our first halloween together in a while, so that is always fun! We went out with a couple of friends from here, and had a ball. Even saw a guy get pulled over, jump out of his car and run. Yes, RAN straight into the river and swam from the cop in 45 degree weather. That man be cray! Cops were everywhere looking for him, final word we got was he was not found. Not sure why he ran, it seemed to be a normal traffic pull over, drunken I believe. He had a blown out front tire but was just driving on it, then boom he ran! 
and Josh won the Costume Contest and won $100! What a night! 
Woody and a Fairy

The Finalist

Sunday consisted of couch time, messing with the pony, walk with the pups, and more couch time! It was a productive weekend! How did you spend your weekend??

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Rocky!

Two birthdays in 8 days!!!! Today is my Rocky Boy's 5th birthday! Around this time 5 years ago I was trying to convince my mom I needed a dog, josh that my mom said it was okay to buy me a dog, and myself that I couldn't not have a dog! Luckily, all worked out and I picked out Rocky when he was 3 weeks and picked him up at 7 weeks!
This dog has been a blessing! I never knew I could love an animal so much! He was my companion for 3 years while I lived in CS and josh was at ranch working. He went EVERYWHERE with me, still does!

He is the best dog and so layed back! Josh and I just love him to death! He cracks us up. Josh cleans house and picks up all his toys and not 5 ,minutes later he is dragging them back out.

He loves to play and party!

And sleep...

And loves to pose

He loves family!!

With my parents boxer Jake

The Family of Boxers, Bailey, Jake, Rock


Always in the gator!

And FaceTime and watching TV
Facetime with his Aunt

Watching his Dad's hunting show on TV, yes, for reals! 

He's an all around dog! So happy 5th birthday big boy. 
We love you!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend {Wrap-up} ~ Aggie Style

Wow, What a whirlwind of a weekend. Monday has come yet again too fast! Our weekend was jam packed to say the least, but one for the books. We had way too much fun, too many laughs, not enough sleep, and no voice on Sunday...Successful weekend! 

We loaded up and headed to Aggieland on Friday to watch the Ags play LSU on Saturday. Being it was an 11am we had every intention to go to bed early to start early for tailgaing...but family time was long over due so we were not in bed until after midnight Friday! That 6:00am alarm came early! Off we were at 7am to head to Spence Park and begin tailgating for the game! 

My cute Hubby!

Sarah and I

Who knew you could begin drinking and having that much fun all before 10:15am? We saw some of Josh's friends from Houston that I have not seen since they left A&M 4 years ago! It was soo good to see those two crazies, and then we also saw some other friends! It was a great reunion to say the least!

Us Girls
We headed into the game at 10:30 to get to our seats and catch the fly over. We made it in time to catch it all, but the dang planes did not go over the center of Kyle Field so we only heard them and did not see them. When we got to our seats, I am pretty sure Josh and my mouth jaw dropped. 

They were simply amazing. The game was loud, crazy, and I had the time of my life. If you have never been to an Aggie game it is a must! They are so much fun. I lost my Voice Sunday from all of the yelling at the game! It was TOTALLY worth it, even if we did lose by 5 to LSU, I am still a proud Aggie!

After the game we headed back to the tailgate and met up with a couple of our friends and just hung out and tailgated for awhile! Then headed to NG to meet up with the other group. I will let the pictures do the talking of how much fun we had....sorry the the low quality IPhone photos, it is all we had! :)

Jess, Me, Sarah

"We are Fun"


Ran into my Sister's BFF

Da Boys

A guy named Chicken :)

We totally used the pass ID to get Sarah in Bar

Long time Pals!

I kind of love this guy

and we all love kisses

Love my friends!
I am still on a high from the weekend it feels! I had so much fun with a ton of awesome people! Blessed Life! Sunday Josh and I had a Celebration Shower for a couple of friends in SA that just got married. It was very nice and then we finally got home around 9:15 and were in bed at 9:30pm. Exhausted to say the least! :) Hope everyone has a happy Monday!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Sampson!

Today we celebrate our little Sammy boys birthday.

Today he turns 12 years old. He is grumpy, always wants his way, smells, slobbers, hard of hearing, going blind, and cannot sleep through a whole night, but today it's ALL about him!!:)

Sampson entered Josh's life his sophomore year of high school and then two years later he entered my life! Not because Josh and I began dating (that was a little over a year later), but because Josh lived right down the road from me and I had to stop while driving home plenty of times to let Sam cross the road Everyone knows Sampson. And to this day everyone ask Josh about him and when Josh replies he is still kicking every person's response is " He is still alive?"

Meet Sam!!

Sampson has always been a ladies man since a very early age. He became a dad at an early age, and then got ran over and broke his hips while leaving his puppy mama house. But it didn't slow him down.
Sampson loves his car rides.
Feeding deer with Dad

And don't let those short legs fool you. This guy can run with the best and swim with them as we'll. It's amazing those things keep his body afloat.
Look at him go
Let me go Dad, I'm ready!
I better not fall in Dad
Rub a dub dub

Sampson loves to admire his beauty.

And he loves his beauty sleep

Maybe more than food

Okay so maybe not more than food!

Either way Sam you have brought joy, laughter, frustration and stank and into our lives! We can't imagine this life without you! So happy Birthday to you! 12 years of a crazy life and more to come!
Dad will celebrate with us when he gets home! It's just us 3 for now. We love you big guy!!