Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Victim of St. Patrick...dang him

I've tried since Monday to get into posting about my weekend, but seriously just not into it. Maybe because Sunday through Monday I was till catching up on my sleep and H20. 
Seriously though, I slept so much on Sunday, and then to bed by 9 on Monday...don't hate it!

This weekend was spent with some fav's down on the river walk for this gal's Bachelorette Party

It was a fun jammed packed weekend done right!!! Friday was spent at Coyote Ugly where we all got pulled up on the bar, played suck and blow, and had to take a body shot off the bartender...but not until after they danced all over us! YES! You read that right! We were all cracking up and could not believe it, but it made for a fun memorable night! Then Of course we were all dressed in green and celebrated St. Patty's day right on Saturday! ALong with painting and drinking! Here are photos of weekend, because my mind is not formulating too great of words to type :)

scared of what is to come...

just got boobed....on the bar

And oh yeah, Follow me on Bloglovin'...because that's is what everyone else has said to do! and from what I hear, anyone can follow, blog or no blog! Dern, just when I was getting my followers up to big ol' 44 dang Google has to change it all up

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Well I wanted to write about my gorgeous cake balls....but I can't! Why? Because they are not gorgeous at all. Is there a trick to getting the coating so perfect on the outside? I did not want to add so much because they were so sweet already, and we do not eat a lot of sweets at our house so we did not need that much! Were they Tasty yes?  Pretty? each their own opinion. Green? No 
FAIL! haha

Last night was just not a good night, iron on letters would not stay on the sash.....Seriously? 
It is that time of the month, so emotions were already flying...and it did just not make for a good night. My poor husband was trying to be so supportive and helpful, and I prob bit his head off one too many times, I felt terrible and apologized. I said this is not me right now, it is the mean evil lady that shows her face once a month! 

But that is okay. We can have those every once in a while....which is a good thing since they usually show their face once a month. What a bia!

You know what though? We all have the ability to make any bad day a better day or to sulk on the bad. I am so tired of seeing people on facebook constantly complain and be debbie downer....oh really?  you are having a bad day? you broke a nail, woke up late, had to get gas, and broke a heel? eh...sulk a bit then pull yourself out of it! 

To be honest, I have had a pretty shitty week. But I am okay with that, because in all honesty it really isnt THAT bad! and I cannot wait to be on my way to SA for St Patty's day and Bach Partay!!!

So moral of the story....when things go south remind yourself to snap out of it! :) 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Well that was Short~

Happy Hump Day!!!! How about me finally getting to updating on my weekend in the middle of the week? That is how I roolllll~ 

I won't bore you really with my weekend! 
Keep this short, a lot like my Crossfit. 
Started Wed. Loved it. 
Went Friday. Was hooked. 
Then boom....hurt my knee Saturday and am now down for a couple of weeks. Luckily they are letting me freeze it until my knee allows me to come back.
Seriously though, when will my knees quit holding me back? It gets old, but you know what? I will kick this just like I have all the times before. Ice, chi machine, elevated, and stretches are my best friend right now. I will start riding the bike tomorrow slowly and rehab myself back. 
Bright side: I have gone through this so much I know what to do. I even diagnosed myself....right I hope! haha

Next Up....Missy is kicking tail at the barrels! I am seriously so pleased with her! Here is our lope through on Saturday, prior to her deciding to throw me hence the hurt knee! 

She gets to go to the neighbors come April for 30 days of hard riding. Get that little mare attitude out of her. She is seriously too smart. Hard rides under her belt learning she will get ridden more and have to do what we ask will be good for her! Once she learns this isn't her world and we are all just living in it we will be good! I seriously love this horse though! She is going to be something pretty good, just wait!

Next, Popcorn. Seriously everyone should have a mini donkey. He brings so much happiness to my heart! And I love that he loves us! and him and Nelson are the best of friends. Coming home being greeted by Nelson and Popcorn makes for a happy coming home!!! Here is Popcorn this morning sleeping by Nelson, where he always does.

Well coming up on my favorite weekend!!! ST PATTY'S DAY!!!! If you know me, then you know my love for clovers and this holiday!!!! I will be spending it on the Riverwalk with friends for a bachelorette party!!! I CANNNOT WAIT! and I promise to take plenty of pictures and have a full recap on Monday...or Tuesday!! :)

Even have my Koozie for the events! Bring it~

Have a wonderful day! I am going to make St Patty Day cupcakes tonight for the first time! Hopefully they turn out well and I will have a post for tomorrow :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rocky & New Workout Challenge

My little boy, who has partially torn ACL's, had a little episode while at mama's and papa's. He got up and his leg was out of socket, or something. He walked to the door on three legs and I saw him get up and said "mom, somethings wrong" and about then he yelped, and trust me this pup never yelps. 

It broke my heart. He was shaking and scared. We pet him and my mom massaged his hip and knee until it went back down and he put weight on it. He has been a little sore last few days, especially if he lays down awhile. We are keeping him pretty quiet right now to let him heal and get better, which he hates. Once he gets up and it loosens up he is ready to go....but his mom and dad are not letting him because he needs to heal. We love that little boy so much!

 He is our world and I hurt and wonder and ask "why he has to have bad knees? Luckily my mom was a massage therapist and let us bring home her chi machine! We have been using it religiously since he hurt it, and I am happy to report his is doing much better today. He is such a good boy during his treatments and just rest his head on me! I love this sweet boy!

Husband used it on his arm, and I used it on my knee and we both could tell a difference! It made husband a believer!! He is one of those

We are going to keep using it on him and I hope he just continues to get better!

Yesterday, I took the plunge and joined the Crossfit craze! 

I start today! Hope I can walk tomorrow!!!

I looked at our workout, and it is a killer! Here is to the last few weeks of my Biggest Loser Challenge at work and getting fit! I hope to see some results! I am down some weight and toned up, but really wanting to mix up my workouts and challenge myself!! :)

Happy Hump Day everyone! 
and for all you Puppy lovers out there, please say a little prayer for my Rock! 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Weekend at Home

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a good Monday! I had a hard time getting back into the kick of things after a great weekend! This weekend Husband and I made the truck up north to our hometown! This was our first trip back since August and I took Friday off so I could enjoy being home! We had 2 showers to attend to Saturday, so I knew the weekend would fly if I did not take off!! 

We got in later Thursday and visited with my parents! Friday morning husband and I woke up and braved the cold and went for a 2 mile run! Then enjoyed breakfast together! These Breakfast tacos are the best and It is a must every time we go home! 

My parents were off at noon and we got to enjoy the day with them! Lunch, shopping, lounging, then my dad cooked out!! It was the perfect day in my eyes! Nothing like being home with the people that mean the most to you, minus sister and TJ. 

Saturday morning husband headed out with the guys for shooting, booze, and food & I went with the girls to the bridal shower! It was great to see all my friends! I miss them and love how every time we see each other we never miss a beat no matter how long it has been!!! Then back on to a engagement type party that evening for the same couple!!!

We left early Sunday to get home and it was nice getting home in the afternoon! We unloaded and watched TV!  Here are pics from our weekend!

Sweet Jake cuddling

Sweet Boxer babies!


Resting boys! Best Frands!

Handsome Husband!
Love these girls! (No pic with bride to be):(

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