Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Victim of St. Patrick...dang him

I've tried since Monday to get into posting about my weekend, but seriously just not into it. Maybe because Sunday through Monday I was till catching up on my sleep and H20. 
Seriously though, I slept so much on Sunday, and then to bed by 9 on Monday...don't hate it!

This weekend was spent with some fav's down on the river walk for this gal's Bachelorette Party

It was a fun jammed packed weekend done right!!! Friday was spent at Coyote Ugly where we all got pulled up on the bar, played suck and blow, and had to take a body shot off the bartender...but not until after they danced all over us! YES! You read that right! We were all cracking up and could not believe it, but it made for a fun memorable night! Then Of course we were all dressed in green and celebrated St. Patty's day right on Saturday! ALong with painting and drinking! Here are photos of weekend, because my mind is not formulating too great of words to type :)

scared of what is to come...

just got boobed....on the bar

And oh yeah, Follow me on Bloglovin'...because that's is what everyone else has said to do! and from what I hear, anyone can follow, blog or no blog! Dern, just when I was getting my followers up to big ol' 44 dang Google has to change it all up

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