Thursday, March 14, 2013


Well I wanted to write about my gorgeous cake balls....but I can't! Why? Because they are not gorgeous at all. Is there a trick to getting the coating so perfect on the outside? I did not want to add so much because they were so sweet already, and we do not eat a lot of sweets at our house so we did not need that much! Were they Tasty yes?  Pretty? each their own opinion. Green? No 
FAIL! haha

Last night was just not a good night, iron on letters would not stay on the sash.....Seriously? 
It is that time of the month, so emotions were already flying...and it did just not make for a good night. My poor husband was trying to be so supportive and helpful, and I prob bit his head off one too many times, I felt terrible and apologized. I said this is not me right now, it is the mean evil lady that shows her face once a month! 

But that is okay. We can have those every once in a while....which is a good thing since they usually show their face once a month. What a bia!

You know what though? We all have the ability to make any bad day a better day or to sulk on the bad. I am so tired of seeing people on facebook constantly complain and be debbie downer....oh really?  you are having a bad day? you broke a nail, woke up late, had to get gas, and broke a heel? eh...sulk a bit then pull yourself out of it! 

To be honest, I have had a pretty shitty week. But I am okay with that, because in all honesty it really isnt THAT bad! and I cannot wait to be on my way to SA for St Patty's day and Bach Partay!!!

So moral of the story....when things go south remind yourself to snap out of it! :) 


  1. I have had a similar problem when trying to make truffles or round cookies...I don't know how anyone gets that smooth coating all around them!

    I am sick of trivial whining on Facebook, too...we are all going to have bad days, but a writing a status update about having to put gas in the car? Really?

  2. The sermon today was about three important "STOP signs" when you are going through a hard time. #1: Stop Complaining #2: Stop Comparing and start celebrating! and #3: Stop Withdrawing.

    Sounds like you've got it down! :) You're a toughie!