Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Weekend at Home

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a good Monday! I had a hard time getting back into the kick of things after a great weekend! This weekend Husband and I made the truck up north to our hometown! This was our first trip back since August and I took Friday off so I could enjoy being home! We had 2 showers to attend to Saturday, so I knew the weekend would fly if I did not take off!! 

We got in later Thursday and visited with my parents! Friday morning husband and I woke up and braved the cold and went for a 2 mile run! Then enjoyed breakfast together! These Breakfast tacos are the best and It is a must every time we go home! 

My parents were off at noon and we got to enjoy the day with them! Lunch, shopping, lounging, then my dad cooked out!! It was the perfect day in my eyes! Nothing like being home with the people that mean the most to you, minus sister and TJ. 

Saturday morning husband headed out with the guys for shooting, booze, and food & I went with the girls to the bridal shower! It was great to see all my friends! I miss them and love how every time we see each other we never miss a beat no matter how long it has been!!! Then back on to a engagement type party that evening for the same couple!!!

We left early Sunday to get home and it was nice getting home in the afternoon! We unloaded and watched TV!  Here are pics from our weekend!

Sweet Jake cuddling

Sweet Boxer babies!


Resting boys! Best Frands!

Handsome Husband!
Love these girls! (No pic with bride to be):(

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  1. ohhhh mmm geeee the boxer pictures are killing me. I want another one.

    Glad you had such a good weekend so jealous you got to visit "home"
    hometown visits are the best and give you the warmest feelings!


  2. Those boxers are precious!!! And I love breakfast tacos too! They are so good!

  3. Love your pics!! Sounds like you had a great weekend!! Where do you call home? You probably told me, I have a horrible memory. ;)