Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Currently I am...

Reading: Lifestyle articles for our next April / May issue

Watching: Lost....oh my gosh! I know we are only like a few years behind but our friends gave us seasons 1-3 to try out because they thought we would enjoy it and we are hooked. Nothing is on our TV at night except for Lost! We are almost through Season 3 and I love it!

Loving: Longer Days!! I am so happy that I can finally ride Missy after work and about to hang that pretty blanket of hers up for good...hopefully. We are in Texas so you never know!

Looking forward to: Going home this weekend! I have not been home since August and am really looking forward to hanging out at my house, my parents, and friends from high school that will be home for wedding showers!! oh and starting Crossfit next week!

Listening to: nothing currently

Cooking: Breakfast for dinner tonight!

Wondering: When work and life will slow down just a little

Disliking: Missy Mae broke that pretty halter above.

Enjoying: Popcorn He in Fact in no doubt keeps us entertained! 

Happy Hump day!!!!   

1 comment:

  1. I wish I could ride Missy after work everyday! The stable by my house has a lighted arena and I dream of the day I will have a horse of my own up there. And Crossfit? Good luck, friend! Its tough but amazing (says the girl who only did it once).