Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Ours was spent at home with no plans! We just did what we wanted when we wanted and it was nice!!!! Friday evening a cold front hit, but I made sure to get a run in anyway, and then did arms. And boy do my arms hurt....still. Lost has taken over our TV, so we ate Turkey Burgers and watched Lost. We are on the second season, and addicted!! 

Saturday the day was beautiful! I got in a nice ride on Missy, and then we went golfing!

Sunday consisted of these cute faces!

We made Jalapeno Chicken last night for dinner! Oh my goodness it was delicious!!!! 
Check out the recipe here!!

And just to get your Monday started off, check out this video of Popcorn and Josh from Sunday! This little mini donkey keeps us entertained! He is so funny! 
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  1. Love your blog, new following!
    follow back here!

  2. Love relaxing weekends, they are the best! Thanks for linking up :)

  3. OHHHHH MY GOODNESS! Boxer and a mini donkey?!?!?!
    This is a dream come true, and I am extremely jealous!
    and you named him POPCORN?!? heart melted! How long have you had him, have I been missing out on this cuteness for while now?!

    oh my gosh, I am totally over excited about this right now;):)

  4. Just found your blog - love! now a follower :)

  5. OMG the mini donkey is hilarious!!! Now I'm your new newest follower! :)