Monday, November 19, 2012

{Weekend} & Love

I love this week so much! It is a short work week, family time, and great food!! To say it is hard for me to concentrate at work right now, might be an understatement! This weekend Josh and I felt like we were hardly home. We got back to the house late Friday and crashed early. We have been so go go that we are exhausted and crash once we hit the couch. 

Saturday we woke up early and some one was not pleased at all.

We had to go to SA to run a few errands before picking up the ranch chef at noon. 

Got home, rode Missy, watched a night of crazy college football and ate wings. yumm! If you are ever in need of a good Buffalo Wings recipe I got ya right here! These are baked, so healthy, and oh so tasty! Just simply boil them in water for 15 minutes. Add pepper and cayenne pepper to water. Then Broil on high for 30 minutes, 15 on each side. Then we just toss them in a wing sauce and woolah! Amaze!!

Sunday, we were up early again to go to the grocery store for Thanksgiving shopping. We brought the chef in with us. Josh and I ran a few errands and then did our shopping and were done, but the chef was not! Finally after 4 hours, a truck bed and back seat full of food, and dealing with the CC company because they thought the card was stolen, we were headed home. 

Josh is so busy with work we unloaded groceries and he went back out to work. I, on the other hand, did laundry, cleaned, and showered...when all I wanted to do was watch my DVR reality shows and do nothing! :) But being I am housesitting in town until Wed. and my parents arrive Wed, and Josh will be working non-stop, I decided to be a good wife ;) 

While Josh was out filling feeders I got a text to download the song "If I didn't Have You" by Thompson Square. OMG! Such an amazing song. The lyrics are perfect and really explains how you feel about that special person in your life. I could not imagine my life without Josh in it. He makes me want to be a better person for him, and we simply compliment each other. He is my strength when I am weak and and my sunshine through the rain! :)  It makes my heart so happy when he sends me sweet songs like this:) Do yourself a favor and listen below, and then download! 

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Happy Monday Everyone! Did you have a good weekend?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Fall Fall Fall

You thought I was talking about the season didn't you? Nope, I was talking about the big fall I took last week. One Big Spill onto hard ground and thistles....yep, if you're going to ride horses this is bound to happen at one point. I think it is god's way of bringing you back to reality to remember it is a 1,200 pound animal that can get rid of you at any time. Went to the chiropractor today to make sure I am good, and No worries all is well, and if you get bucked off you get right back on...yep. I did. Then haven't been back on since that day....ONLY because I have not had a chance. You can bet your hiney I will be this weekend. and multiple times next week with the long break!!!!

But for reals, onto Fall. What a gorgeous time it is in Texas here lately! Cooler weather, changing leaves, light when I drive to work! Seriously, I love it all. But I am especially looking forward to Thanksgiving. Food, Family, and Fun...that is a lot of F's that I all love!!! ANNND Josh and I are hosting my parents at our casa this weekend! Can't wait! I am already working on grocery list for Sunday and looking at dessert recipes to try! I already have all of the meal planned out!!!  With Thanksgiving around the corner you know what the means, Christmas! I cannot wait to decorate. I think I may pull down the decorations Sunday so I can sort through them and see what we need so I can make sure and purchase them so we can go up with everything right after Thanksgiving!! :) Planner I tell ya. Such a planner that I forget to take pictures for blog post....

That is all for today. I'm going to get this whole picture thing down:)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Dang, I hate when I leave my blog stranded, but to be honest, work is kicking my tail and I do not have time to blog. I am exhausted and just want to cook dinner with my husband and chat and watch tv. No Computers or phones! :)  So the blog has taken a back burner....but trust me it is not because I have not had the content! :)  First off, Josh played in his first BIG tournament this passed weekend and enjoyed it. He did not do as well, for him, but hey, it was his first one in forever. He was exhausted mentally after it was all said and done, but cannot wait to play more! They shot 81, 79, 81. So not shabby, but Josh is usally in 70's. (It was best ball not scramble!)

Second off, how about my AGGIES!!!! 29-24 win over #1 Alabama, yes sir!!!
Game with the hubby!

I was celebrating just like these guys!

But for reals, I was hoarse after the game almost! And I watched it in public! I cannot begin to explain the pride and joy I feel being an Aggie. I always do, but even more now. Everyone is always hatin' on the \ Aggies for some reason, never get why. But you know all have a reason to be hatin' on the Ags now cuz we be kickin' everyones tail!!!!! HA! talk crap I dare you! ;)

Next off, I am Going to VEGAS in a little more that 3 weeks!!!! Yep, my family is headed to Vegas to go to the NFR! I cannot wait! This is our first fam trip in awhile! I LOVE VEGAS! AND THE NFR!! :) Plans are already being made to attend again next year with the fam, including husbands:) Teej and Joshua gotta stay home and work so can't attend so it is the original Fam Clan! :) 

Next, With Vegas coming up, online shopping might be in force! :) I have purchased a few items, on sale and great prices! Here is what I am loving right now! :)

Can't go wrong with the Rocktstar Skinnys from Old Navy for $20! They also have their outerwear on sale as well!!! Check it out!!! :)

Oh, and I went up in a little airplane last week to get Aerial photos of the course, or try. 

We will have to go up again, and I will not be snapping any photos through the eye tummy did not like that with all the wind! :)

Does anyone else feel like this come 7:00pm with the time change?

I know I do! 

Happy Tuesday!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day & Weekend {Wrap-Up}

This weekend was pretty low key for me. I drank extremely nice wine, ate good food, watched great football, rode Missy, DIY Projects and enjoyed nice conversation.

My little girl, Missy!

You may or may not know this past weekend was opening weekend. I live in hunting territory. Ranches line every road I drive to get to my house from work, and that is a 65 mile commute, y'all!  So needless to say our little town was popping this weekend. Trucks, trailers, camo, coolers, 6 wheelers, everywhere! 

My hubby, of course, is in this business. It is his job. The company he works for brings clients and friends out to the ranch and we wine and dine them for the weekend! This group was a special group. Have been friends forever and have not missed opening weekend in something like 35 years! 

Saturday I watched the Aggies BTHO Mississippi State! Whoop!!!

Love our uniforms! 

Sunday we took the group back to the plane, and did a few errands which included treats and toys for the pups! Then enjoyed Sunday Football, lunch, and a bloody mary!!

I also, did a little DIY projects. More to come on those on Thursday when I link up with

Here are a few sneak peaks tho!

Today is the day! Election Day 2012! Get out there and Vote y'all!! :) 

Happy Tuesday! Rock says have a happy week!!!!

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