Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day & Weekend {Wrap-Up}

This weekend was pretty low key for me. I drank extremely nice wine, ate good food, watched great football, rode Missy, DIY Projects and enjoyed nice conversation.

My little girl, Missy!

You may or may not know this past weekend was opening weekend. I live in hunting territory. Ranches line every road I drive to get to my house from work, and that is a 65 mile commute, y'all!  So needless to say our little town was popping this weekend. Trucks, trailers, camo, coolers, 6 wheelers, everywhere! 

My hubby, of course, is in this business. It is his job. The company he works for brings clients and friends out to the ranch and we wine and dine them for the weekend! This group was a special group. Have been friends forever and have not missed opening weekend in something like 35 years! 

Saturday I watched the Aggies BTHO Mississippi State! Whoop!!!

Love our uniforms! 

Sunday we took the group back to the plane, and did a few errands which included treats and toys for the pups! Then enjoyed Sunday Football, lunch, and a bloody mary!!

I also, did a little DIY projects. More to come on those on Thursday when I link up with

Here are a few sneak peaks tho!

Today is the day! Election Day 2012! Get out there and Vote y'all!! :) 

Happy Tuesday! Rock says have a happy week!!!!

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