Friday, November 16, 2012

Fall Fall Fall

You thought I was talking about the season didn't you? Nope, I was talking about the big fall I took last week. One Big Spill onto hard ground and thistles....yep, if you're going to ride horses this is bound to happen at one point. I think it is god's way of bringing you back to reality to remember it is a 1,200 pound animal that can get rid of you at any time. Went to the chiropractor today to make sure I am good, and No worries all is well, and if you get bucked off you get right back on...yep. I did. Then haven't been back on since that day....ONLY because I have not had a chance. You can bet your hiney I will be this weekend. and multiple times next week with the long break!!!!

But for reals, onto Fall. What a gorgeous time it is in Texas here lately! Cooler weather, changing leaves, light when I drive to work! Seriously, I love it all. But I am especially looking forward to Thanksgiving. Food, Family, and Fun...that is a lot of F's that I all love!!! ANNND Josh and I are hosting my parents at our casa this weekend! Can't wait! I am already working on grocery list for Sunday and looking at dessert recipes to try! I already have all of the meal planned out!!!  With Thanksgiving around the corner you know what the means, Christmas! I cannot wait to decorate. I think I may pull down the decorations Sunday so I can sort through them and see what we need so I can make sure and purchase them so we can go up with everything right after Thanksgiving!! :) Planner I tell ya. Such a planner that I forget to take pictures for blog post....

That is all for today. I'm going to get this whole picture thing down:)


  1. ohhh my goodness:( I am glad you are okay!

    I hope you have a greaaaat weekend! If you find some good desert recipies make sure you send htem my way:)

  2. Oh no! A fall off of a horse. I am still so jealous. And if you would just post pictures of your horse every day I would be very satisfied.