Monday, January 19, 2009

Tis done...

Well...the adventure of starting this blog took longer than expected. But now it is up...Yay! I opened up a gmail account due to the fact that I am now job searching....scary. I have now set up an account with the career center in hopes of finding a job in the near future.
To be honest...the whole thought really scares me. I am growing up and it is not that I am not ready to get a full time job and be a grown is the fact that I dont know where this job will lead me. I want so bad to be near Josh..which may sound dumb to many, But not to me. Why would I want to live far from someone who means so much to me, completes me, and makes me super happy. I know I cant control what happens in the future but I hope for once maybe it will work out for me and I will get to be near Josh!

Anyways....I do advise those to see Gran is a great movie!!
And a new show on the great station ABC is True Beauty! kinda cliche but I like it!! And the Bachelor!! Man, ABC is just a great station!! hehe

A lesson I learned this weekend (well kind of a lot lately):
Dont stretch yourself thin for those who would not do the same for you. It isn't worth you straining a muscle.

Off to bed!