Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Adventures of Ranch Life Alone...

So like I had mentioned in the post before, Josh is now gone for 3 months. Josh & Taylor have been gone for a few weeks here and there and everytime, something goes wrong at the ranch! It never fails! It is quite entertaining, so I decided to share these stories over the course of the next 3 months! That is a looonnnnggg time to be the "ranch help" on a 3,000 acre ranch where I don't feel I am that much help! Therefore, I am more like the "Ahh, call for help"! Along with the normal "ranch" duties I am preparing to become a wife, which entails modifying my cooking and cleaning skills! or lack there of! ;) Living so far out, we have to cook! Since Josh is now gone that means, I HAVE to cook. So I am trying new things! :)

2 weekends ago of course was my first few days home without Josh and I ventured off to Austin for a florist meeting with Brittney and her mom and my family. Of course, we had a heck of a time like my family always does and I ended up staying the night. Not a big deal, I thought atleast. I had the horse taken care of with the neighbors, and Rocky was on a 24 hr. fast because he had a little bit of loose pooh before I left, but was in great spirits.

I return home on Sunday, to a not so joyful Boxer. He felt terrible, and I could tell. He then preceded to (a little TMI) "poop" blood. I, of course freaked and did not want him to get worse like he did last time, because these were the exact same signs that happened in Feb. After much consideration, or 5 minutes, I decided to take him in to the emergency vet. I was not taking any chances of him getting that dehydrated again, and getting worse over the night AND it was going to be very hard to take him to the vet on Monday with an hr drive ea way and working 8-5: one of the consequences of not having a fiance around. Long story short he is fine now, and back to his normal self! Eating like his stomach never gets full, and doing chores with mom! :) Here is my happy boy Monday afternoon, already feeling 1,000x better!

Needless to say after dealing with a broken stud on Tuesday, Blow out on Thursday, 3 hour drive on Saturday & Sunday, sick dog on Sunday, 1 hr. Back to town Sunday and then back home, I was definitely ready to lay on the couch and call it one hell of a week. Could not wait for what the next week had in store!

Well that is enough for today!

Keep it Real,

Monday, August 22, 2011

A Piece is Missing

Well that time of the year has come around again...Hunting Season- the thing that consumes my fiancé for the next 3 months in Colorado and then the next 3 Months once he gets home! Times before I was in College Station, but Not this year! I am the ranch! Good thing I have a few things to keep me busy....okay a few BIG things! Planning this wee little thing in April and DIY home projects!! My family is also visiting me the next 2 wkends, and then Aggie Football, & possibly Nashville! So great things to come! Annnd I get to watch all the reality tv I want!!!:) I hope to get most of the wedding knocked out as well...that is the plan at least! Luckily, I have my little fur friends to keep me company when I don't have visitors! They are so fun!!!! We have little Nelson who is almost a month old, Lilly, Ol' Sammy, & my 2 main men Rock & Coup!!:) without them I'd be super lonely!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wedding on my Mind, Wedding All the Time!

Okay okay....first wedding blog since I have been engaged...well first about my wedding!! :)So the title may be a tad of a lie..it isnt on my mind ALL the time!but it was on my mind a lot...until I did the smartest move yet and hired Wendy with Birds of a Feather Events! I could not be more excited! She planned my sisters
wedding and she is down right amazing! I went drove up to Fort Worth this weekend and my MOH-Brandi, my mom, & I met with her Saturday and it is amazing how she can take my ideas and blend them all together and go perfect! I cannot wait for this day because I know she is going to make it perfect! She is pretty awesome! I already feel soo much stress relief from just one meeting!!

We then went on with our afternoon of bridesmaid dress shopping & just shopping and catching up on laughs and enjoying a mid day cocktail and drink! It was such a good weekend! We all had a blast! The search continues for that perfect bridesmaid dress... although I found ones I like, but not the "one"! (I have since found a few that I love online!) Anyone who knows me, knows that I dont like to do anything normal...I have to be unigue...and different...in a classy stylish way of course!! I do not want anything of mine to be like any one else's and this too includes my wedding! :) I know when I find that dress it is going to be scchhhaaawwweeeet and my Beautiful bridesmaids will totally rock it! :) They will be the hottest bridal party on the block...no but really they will! They are all gorgeous!I could stick them in a toga and they would rock it- although I will not do that to them!:)

Now on to my next task to get done ASAP...STD (Save the Dates) This is a fun, yet tough decision! We took engagements a few weeks ago with our photographers, Summer & Kim of K2 Photography, and they turned out simply amazing!! We love all of them so much! They truly captured us as a couple, and our animals- who most know are our lives! :) Now we have to choose one for STD, not an easy task! & with a slow internet it makes even a harder task while trying to creating different ones! ahahaha! But we have almost come to a decision!

Here are just a few that weren't on facebook from our engagement session!

This last picture means a lot to me. That is Showbox's bridle. It means a lot to me and nothing could ever replace it. I was so happy to have put it on Coup for this special session...and to feel as though Showbox was a part of it with me. He was a big part of my life.

Can't wait for this big day! I wish it would hurry, but I KNOW it is going to fly by!