Monday, August 22, 2011

A Piece is Missing

Well that time of the year has come around again...Hunting Season- the thing that consumes my fiancé for the next 3 months in Colorado and then the next 3 Months once he gets home! Times before I was in College Station, but Not this year! I am the ranch! Good thing I have a few things to keep me busy....okay a few BIG things! Planning this wee little thing in April and DIY home projects!! My family is also visiting me the next 2 wkends, and then Aggie Football, & possibly Nashville! So great things to come! Annnd I get to watch all the reality tv I want!!!:) I hope to get most of the wedding knocked out as well...that is the plan at least! Luckily, I have my little fur friends to keep me company when I don't have visitors! They are so fun!!!! We have little Nelson who is almost a month old, Lilly, Ol' Sammy, & my 2 main men Rock & Coup!!:) without them I'd be super lonely!!

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  1. Yay! I'm glad you've got all the boys to keep you company! :) See you soon!