Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wedding on my Mind, Wedding All the Time!

Okay okay....first wedding blog since I have been engaged...well first about my wedding!! :)So the title may be a tad of a lie..it isnt on my mind ALL the time!but it was on my mind a lot...until I did the smartest move yet and hired Wendy with Birds of a Feather Events! I could not be more excited! She planned my sisters
wedding and she is down right amazing! I went drove up to Fort Worth this weekend and my MOH-Brandi, my mom, & I met with her Saturday and it is amazing how she can take my ideas and blend them all together and go perfect! I cannot wait for this day because I know she is going to make it perfect! She is pretty awesome! I already feel soo much stress relief from just one meeting!!

We then went on with our afternoon of bridesmaid dress shopping & just shopping and catching up on laughs and enjoying a mid day cocktail and drink! It was such a good weekend! We all had a blast! The search continues for that perfect bridesmaid dress... although I found ones I like, but not the "one"! (I have since found a few that I love online!) Anyone who knows me, knows that I dont like to do anything normal...I have to be unigue...and different...in a classy stylish way of course!! I do not want anything of mine to be like any one else's and this too includes my wedding! :) I know when I find that dress it is going to be scchhhaaawwweeeet and my Beautiful bridesmaids will totally rock it! :) They will be the hottest bridal party on the block...no but really they will! They are all gorgeous!I could stick them in a toga and they would rock it- although I will not do that to them!:)

Now on to my next task to get done ASAP...STD (Save the Dates) This is a fun, yet tough decision! We took engagements a few weeks ago with our photographers, Summer & Kim of K2 Photography, and they turned out simply amazing!! We love all of them so much! They truly captured us as a couple, and our animals- who most know are our lives! :) Now we have to choose one for STD, not an easy task! & with a slow internet it makes even a harder task while trying to creating different ones! ahahaha! But we have almost come to a decision!

Here are just a few that weren't on facebook from our engagement session!

This last picture means a lot to me. That is Showbox's bridle. It means a lot to me and nothing could ever replace it. I was so happy to have put it on Coup for this special session...and to feel as though Showbox was a part of it with me. He was a big part of my life.

Can't wait for this big day! I wish it would hurry, but I KNOW it is going to fly by!

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  1. Your engagement pictures are amazing! I love them :) They totally capture y'all personalities!