Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Craziness

What a great weekend! I am just now getting to posting after all the craziness and fun we had!!
4 of our best friends came down to spend the weekend with us! We all do not live in the same town anymore, but we makE time to have a big weekends and memorial day was no exception! It'd been three weeks since we had all hung out and boy did we have a grand time this weekend. The weekend was full of jokes (inappropriate ones), drinking games, corn hole, attempt to scare the 'Irmy's round two, river floating, pool swimming, golf ball hitting, and good Texas BBQ'ing. Where we all realized we need to enter a cookoff! We are THAAAAT good!! Here are just a few Photos I shot with my phone this wkend. I didn't have my phone on me a lot.

Sweet river Hat!

Ready to float!

To cloudy to lay out? We Will just start drinking and playing cornhole

Budlight lime is a friend of Mine

Who knows!?

Corn Hole

Rocky laying right on my heels while I was Doing dishes

After the long weekend the Nashes were pooped

It was a great Weekend! Cannot wait for Nash Bash! :)

Until tomorrow,

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Started working out with the trainer again yesterday, wheew. Talk about being pushed to your max. I have moved down to once a week with her now that the wedding is over, but boy am I ever glad I started running again last week. If not I would have been a string noodle being flopped around trying to gain my strength to walk and lift my arms!

Working out is a great way of life and good for your body. I am no health freak, but I do watch what I eat for the most part. Girl does like to splurge on a fried food here and there, but I feel that is okay from time to time if you take care of self most of time! :) Living with a man who does not like greens makes it hard to eat super healthy or stick to any diet plan, but we do grilled foods and I throw my own veggies in, but there is always a good starch with him. haha! Key is to eat good during day for me! :)

Anyone else find it hard to get motivated? I know I do! Here are some ways I try and stay in shape and eat healthy!

1- Make goals each week and use an app to keep track! I use mapmyRun to track how much I've done! My goal is to try and run 9-10 miles/wk. Even if haven't made it to my goal I still end week running more than I did hadn't I set. I atleast run 3 times a week.

2-No sweets in house

3- Eat at home and cook meals. (you would be surprised at how good eating at home is for you.)

3-take healthy snacks to work so u do not overeat each meal

4- light snacks often

5- breakfast, breakfast, breakfast! The only meal where it is okay to overeat because it is so important

What motivates you? Or tricks do you use to stay in shape!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My life the past week

So the past week I have been opened up to a whole new world via the internet and I must say I am sad I am so far behind and have missed out. This whole blogging world thing is huge. Now I know mine is not, but some of these girls got it going on! They have "Blacations" and Blog BFFs it's crazay! But awesome at the same time! I have enjoyed following some new blogs! I need to re-vamp my layout though, that is a must. Anywho, a little inside to what has been going on to my life: Back the the grind: Post Wedding Stay in shape mission Began last week
Map My Run App: A MUST! if you enjoy running of course. It is a great way to map out how far you run, time, pace, and calories burned. I enjoy it and it works at my house where I have no service! The GPS is awesome! :) Run 9-10 miles a week is my goal currently :)
Lime-A-Rita: Date night last week turned into a drive through the drive through liquor barn and buying these. You will not be disappointed :)
Weekend Heroes: Just heroes for the day putting out a grass fire near the ranch!
Casino Night: Josh donated a hunt to this fundraiser's live auction so in return we got two free tickets. We drank, gambled with free money, and walked away winning a video camera, 1.5 massage, and 2 free car detailing from the raffle! Over all successful evening!
Celebrated our 1 month yesterday! Josh surprised me with a cake he made (his first ever) and Moscato wine-my fave!
I cannot wait for this new item to come in the mail! :)
Well back to work! Maybe I will be upgraded in my layout next time i post....or maybe I won't if I cannot figure it out!

Monday, May 14, 2012

"Don't Drown, Turn Around"

What a week! We got rain, rain, and more rain! This is def a drastic turn around from last year and a great blessing for sure. But last week between Tuesday and Thursday we got Almost 8 inches of rain. Needless to say every dry creek bed on the ranch was flowing and we were about 2 inches from being flooded in to the ranch and not leaving- which would not have been a terrible thing! I worked Monday through Thursday this week and josh worked well...not those days. Since his job is centered around being outdoors the rain put a damper on that.

Thursday he set out to pull the neighbors truck and trailer out that had gotten stuck- good neighborly gestures! And then him and his brother headed into town to check our water crossing. It was fine when they wet to town and 45 mins later when they returned it had risen almost 3.5 feet. Yes feet. They, being the men they ate, decided to try there luck and drive across it. They did make it, but josh will tell you "my butt cheeks were puckered the whole time" haha. The water was to the top of hood. And if that wasn't enough for one day, he comes home be greeted by Sampson at his brothers house- who was left inside the house. So he heads home to check on Rocky and little boy is being good laying on the mat inside the front door. He never left or went out, but good ol' Sammy was soaked and Nelson left us two dead deer bones inside. Awesome. The highs of living on a game ranch.

Rocky enjoying one of the creek beds flowing! He did not understand that the stick would flow down stream and lost about 4 of them haha!!

This weekend was nice down time for the Nashes! We got to enjoy a nice date day and movie Friday and hung out with his dad and Paige on Saturday. I've been trying to kick a cough so it was nice to relax and lay low. I found my first point while arrowhead hunting....and then got distracted and lost it while playing with Rock. Oops.

Well today is Monday. Back to the grind of work....and workout. This is a positive. First one down for the week! More to come. Keep It Positive and Happy

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Here is to you two

Okay, so now that all the wedding craziness is over and the honeymoon is over and the first week of being home and catching up is now concluded, It has all reminded me of how very thankful I am to have two amazing people in my life, and not only in my life....but as my parents. So this blog post is dedicated to them.
God honestly chose the two best people to be my parents. I can truly call them my best friends, motivators, mentors, and they are the ones I aim to please more than myself. They have always done everything in their power for me to be successful. Whether it was hauling me to a rodeo and leaving at 4am after working a 50 hour week, or coaching me and attending every sporting event I participated in, they were ALWAYS there. I can always call them for any advice, go to them with any problem, and laugh at everything with them! We joke all the time about everything. I want to thank yall for EVERYTHING you have done in my life. From supporting me through my horses and sports, to school and jobs, and most of all the for giving me the best day I could have absolutely asked for in my entire life-mine and Josh's wedding. You two made our wedding day more than anything we could have hoped for. It was beautiful and I could never thank you guys enough for everything you did to make my big day the best ever. You two lay down so much for both Brandi and I and we are truly lucky to have such amazing parents like you. So very selfless and giving. Though it all, and even though I am no longer a Noah on paper, I will always be your little girl and a Noah. I will never forget the lifelong lessons I have learned from you. Always go after what your heart desires...whether right or wrong you will learn along the way and no matter what you guys are always there to catch me and bring me back. I could go on and on, but at the same Time I do not feel like anything I could say would be enough to thank yall. I just want you to know how truly thankful I am for each of you and how much I love you both!! AND THANK YOU FOR DRIVING 6 HOURS ON SUNDAY TO BRING US LITTLE ROCKY BOY! See yall soon. We love yall!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Honeymoon Pictures! :)

I just uploaded the pictures off my camera onto my computer and wanted to share a few of my fav pictures from the honeymoon! :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 5&6...and 7

Okay, so I fell behind on the lats part of honeymoon! And now it is Day 2 of being back at work, so I will relive the end of our honeymoon by blogging the details!!! Friday was ZIP LINING! We left out at 8am that morning. The ride was about an hour through the local towns of DR. It was neat to see the houses, well neat and sad. It is poverty and their homes look like wood shacks...sometimes you would not know people lived there other than you would see clothes hanging out to dry. Kids are everyone and people just hanging out on the streets. It's kind of crazy. We went way into the mountains for the zip lining. Got instructions and then we were off. I of course was nervous making sure I got all of the instructions correctly and did not want to mess up. They were Double wire zip lines BTW! It was a ton of fun. I believe we went on about 12 zip lines. The last 2 we did in the rain, which was a nice touch I guess! It didn't ruin the trip atleast! On our ride out to the mountains and back we learned a lot about the Dominican. 75% of their population live off the tourist alone. Kids are not required to go to school and a lot do not. But they encourage you to so you can learn english and work. Being that most of the Dominican Speaks Spanish, but is a visited by English Speaking Americans it is in their favor to speak English. Kids run up to the busses giving the girls flowers and asking for $, scary. They don't pay attention to the tires and one actually got hurt a couple of weeks ago. Our guide yelled at them and instructed us to ignore them because $1 was not worth them getting hurt and they need to be in school. Once we got back to the resort we were starving, so we went to the buffet and grubbed down! Hurried back to room and got ready for the beach!!!! It was a beautiful day and we were not going to waste it! We ran into our friends on the way and they were headed to the pool, so we said we would meet up with them later! We enjoyed the ocean sun for awhile and then headed to the pool where we had lots of laughs and fun times with our friends from Pittsburgh and a new couple from "West Coast". The local drink, or shot I should say, is Mamajuana. Everyone told us to try it! So at the pool I ordered us all a round. OMG! It was so strong. THey make it themselves with local woods and roots or something in a bottle then they add red wine, rum, and honey and let it sit. Ours must have not been sitting that long because it was straight strong!! haha We ate at the seafood restaurant that night with Sara and Buck from Pittsburgh (We called them Pittsburgh they called us Texas) then went to the magic show and called it a night a little before midnight! That Mamajuana got us all haha Saturday was our last day. We had decided, as a married couple, that if the weather was nice we would not be having a spa day. And the weather was PERFECT so we were out in at at by 10am after breakfast! We enjoyed the beach, people watching, and walking around. You see a lot of thongs, speedos, and topless ladies. I took a nap one of the first days on the beach and when I woke up Josh's first words to me were "I say 6 speedos and 4 sets of boobies while u were sleeping" HAHA! After lunch and some more beach time we went back to the pool. Pittsburgh showed up right after us, this was a trend with the 4 of us. We literally always ended up in same spot) So we lounged at the pool for a while before heading in for a nap and showering for our last dinner. We went to the Italian food restaurant. We ran into our Canadian friends from the golf course and were seated right by them and then of course Pittsburgh was one table from us as well! The dinner was delish! Josh had Lobster Spaghetti-Amazing! and I had a Sausage Alfredo thing- dont know name bust essentialy that is what we decided it tasted like lol. Then we had after dinner drinks and conversation with the Canadaians before walking around the gift shops! It was a great relazing last evening! :) Sunday we ordered room service and enjoyed a nice breakfast and packing. We headed to the airport super early it seemed for our 345 flight. We were through everyhting and checked (which was even a slow process) by 1:00pm. We grabbed and lunch and then sat at our gate and read Catching Fire! We are so good!!! Our flight seemed a little late and Worry Wart Josh started to freak out that we were going to miss our flight home from Atlanta! I said oh we will be fine, if not nothing we can do! :) We made it, we did have to walk fast, but it wasnt anything close. We rolled home about 1am and were def happy to be back in our bed and our home. We are ready to get Rocky, catch up on laundry, and gifts put away! THen life will be a little bit back to normal, only this time as a married couple and as 1 not 2! More post of pics and wedding and pics to come soon! When I get a little chance to breath! :) Mucho Love