Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bridesmaid Weekend

It is my weekend to be bridesmaid and for the first time ever! This is my first wedding to be in and I couldnt be happier that it is for Erin! She is such a great friend, will be a beautiful bride, and an amazing wife to Tanner! I went to Fort Worth this weekend to spend the day and night with her and take her out for her last single weekend since I could not make it to her bachelorette party due to turn. We had a blast just hanging out and catching up!! I cannot wait for this weekend it should be a load of fun!! I also had to drop off Rocky with the grandparents. He went to visit them with cousin Bailey since I am in the wedding and they will bring him back my birthday weekend. They love their vacations for the grandparents house. They have a blast.

Well a lot has happened in the job setting since the last time I wrote. I am currently the only one in the leasing office...all alone. Carmen left me to work at Callaway House. It is not the same without her...she really made my job enjoyable and was a great friendship to have. We still eat lunch and talk all the time its just so different being up here by myself. And I often sit and think when will all the cadiness(sp?) of girls go away? Will girls ever reach the age where they understand it isnt cool to talk behind everyones back? I have come to the conclusion probably not since I have been around it for over 1/2 of my life now. Oh well all we can do is ignore it...pick up and go on. That is one thing that I do enjoy on being up front by myself....is I can keep myself out of all the drama and cadiness. I do not want to get caught up in all of that it is not for me, nor will it ever be.

Anyways....Josh is in colorado and doing amazing! He is loving it so Much!! Here is a picture of him in the mountains that he sent to me yesterday!!

I cannot wait to go visit him and see all the beautiful mountains and the cool air. I fly out at 3:30 Oct. 2! I have a couple of good weekends to look forward to. This weekend is Erins wedding...Next weekend I get Rocky back and COUP BACK!!! WHOOP!and my parents and sister are coming down for my birthday!!! Then Tuesday we are going out to eat and Brandon Rhyder for my birthday!! And then Friday I fly out to see the love of my life!! I cannot wait for all of these events! It is these things that keep me upbeat and enjoying life!! :)

Here are some pictures from the last weekends with friends and Ziegfest...which equals Amazing!! We had a blast!!!

Well there is the latest few things going on. Now back to work ;)