Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Craziness

What a great weekend! I am just now getting to posting after all the craziness and fun we had!!
4 of our best friends came down to spend the weekend with us! We all do not live in the same town anymore, but we makE time to have a big weekends and memorial day was no exception! It'd been three weeks since we had all hung out and boy did we have a grand time this weekend. The weekend was full of jokes (inappropriate ones), drinking games, corn hole, attempt to scare the 'Irmy's round two, river floating, pool swimming, golf ball hitting, and good Texas BBQ'ing. Where we all realized we need to enter a cookoff! We are THAAAAT good!! Here are just a few Photos I shot with my phone this wkend. I didn't have my phone on me a lot.

Sweet river Hat!

Ready to float!

To cloudy to lay out? We Will just start drinking and playing cornhole

Budlight lime is a friend of Mine

Who knows!?

Corn Hole

Rocky laying right on my heels while I was Doing dishes

After the long weekend the Nashes were pooped

It was a great Weekend! Cannot wait for Nash Bash! :)

Until tomorrow,

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