Thursday, May 24, 2012


Started working out with the trainer again yesterday, wheew. Talk about being pushed to your max. I have moved down to once a week with her now that the wedding is over, but boy am I ever glad I started running again last week. If not I would have been a string noodle being flopped around trying to gain my strength to walk and lift my arms!

Working out is a great way of life and good for your body. I am no health freak, but I do watch what I eat for the most part. Girl does like to splurge on a fried food here and there, but I feel that is okay from time to time if you take care of self most of time! :) Living with a man who does not like greens makes it hard to eat super healthy or stick to any diet plan, but we do grilled foods and I throw my own veggies in, but there is always a good starch with him. haha! Key is to eat good during day for me! :)

Anyone else find it hard to get motivated? I know I do! Here are some ways I try and stay in shape and eat healthy!

1- Make goals each week and use an app to keep track! I use mapmyRun to track how much I've done! My goal is to try and run 9-10 miles/wk. Even if haven't made it to my goal I still end week running more than I did hadn't I set. I atleast run 3 times a week.

2-No sweets in house

3- Eat at home and cook meals. (you would be surprised at how good eating at home is for you.)

3-take healthy snacks to work so u do not overeat each meal

4- light snacks often

5- breakfast, breakfast, breakfast! The only meal where it is okay to overeat because it is so important

What motivates you? Or tricks do you use to stay in shape!


  1. Love these tips! I've been doing a bootcamp and it's kickin my booty, along with swimming but my running has dropped off a bit, so love to hear about apps that help me step it up :)

    And congratulations on your recent wedding!! We just celebrated our one year on May 14 :) Every week/month/year is a blast though when you've married your best friend, so enjoy!!

  2. #2 is a so right. If it's there, I'll eat it! If not, I don't miss it.
    When Tanner and I both lost the most weight and kept it off was when we followed Kevin's and Sarah's diet. Super healthy during the week but splurge on the weekends :) Gave you something to look forward too!