Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Here is to you two

Okay, so now that all the wedding craziness is over and the honeymoon is over and the first week of being home and catching up is now concluded, It has all reminded me of how very thankful I am to have two amazing people in my life, and not only in my life....but as my parents. So this blog post is dedicated to them.
God honestly chose the two best people to be my parents. I can truly call them my best friends, motivators, mentors, and they are the ones I aim to please more than myself. They have always done everything in their power for me to be successful. Whether it was hauling me to a rodeo and leaving at 4am after working a 50 hour week, or coaching me and attending every sporting event I participated in, they were ALWAYS there. I can always call them for any advice, go to them with any problem, and laugh at everything with them! We joke all the time about everything. I want to thank yall for EVERYTHING you have done in my life. From supporting me through my horses and sports, to school and jobs, and most of all the for giving me the best day I could have absolutely asked for in my entire life-mine and Josh's wedding. You two made our wedding day more than anything we could have hoped for. It was beautiful and I could never thank you guys enough for everything you did to make my big day the best ever. You two lay down so much for both Brandi and I and we are truly lucky to have such amazing parents like you. So very selfless and giving. Though it all, and even though I am no longer a Noah on paper, I will always be your little girl and a Noah. I will never forget the lifelong lessons I have learned from you. Always go after what your heart desires...whether right or wrong you will learn along the way and no matter what you guys are always there to catch me and bring me back. I could go on and on, but at the same Time I do not feel like anything I could say would be enough to thank yall. I just want you to know how truly thankful I am for each of you and how much I love you both!! AND THANK YOU FOR DRIVING 6 HOURS ON SUNDAY TO BRING US LITTLE ROCKY BOY! See yall soon. We love yall!

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