Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My life the past week

So the past week I have been opened up to a whole new world via the internet and I must say I am sad I am so far behind and have missed out. This whole blogging world thing is huge. Now I know mine is not, but some of these girls got it going on! They have "Blacations" and Blog BFFs it's crazay! But awesome at the same time! I have enjoyed following some new blogs! I need to re-vamp my layout though, that is a must. Anywho, a little inside to what has been going on to my life: Back the the grind: Post Wedding Stay in shape mission Began last week
Map My Run App: A MUST! if you enjoy running of course. It is a great way to map out how far you run, time, pace, and calories burned. I enjoy it and it works at my house where I have no service! The GPS is awesome! :) Run 9-10 miles a week is my goal currently :)
Lime-A-Rita: Date night last week turned into a drive through the drive through liquor barn and buying these. You will not be disappointed :)
Weekend Heroes: Just heroes for the day putting out a grass fire near the ranch!
Casino Night: Josh donated a hunt to this fundraiser's live auction so in return we got two free tickets. We drank, gambled with free money, and walked away winning a video camera, 1.5 massage, and 2 free car detailing from the raffle! Over all successful evening!
Celebrated our 1 month yesterday! Josh surprised me with a cake he made (his first ever) and Moscato wine-my fave!
I cannot wait for this new item to come in the mail! :)
Well back to work! Maybe I will be upgraded in my layout next time i post....or maybe I won't if I cannot figure it out!


  1. I love Map My Run app! Except it makes me so angry when I lose reception in the middle of my run and it stops recording :(

    1. It should keep recording. I do not have reception where I live and it works! Just make sure and have the GPS on! :)