Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Boys!

Meet my boys! Josh and my main man Rocky washing Zippy (Rockafeller,Rock,Little Boy-all refer to this awesome of a boxer dog!)

And Sampson & Coupers

These two make my complete as well! Sampson keeps us laughing- he has quite the personality. Although it may not always be pleasant!! Coup is my big boy, who thinks he is a dog! He is funny and I am so lucky to have the privilege of owning him!

Then we have Rocky boy!!! Tight running with him and Josh! Haha JK! I could not live without either of these two! When one is gone, I have the other! Rocky has literally been with me since the day Josh bought him for me (minus a few grandparent visits and auntie visits). He along with Coup were my rock while in College Station. Rocky went with me everywhere and turned out to be such an obedient and smart dog! I just love him!! Josh is pretty attached too and likes to claim that he is his, but I quickly remind him he was a gift to me!:) we love intact the ranch! And to Rocky it is a play day everyday!

Love my family!!:) they make it complete and perfect!

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