Saturday, July 9, 2011

"Eye" See Change

So being that I like change, I am constantly changing my hair, makeup, nails! & whatever else I can always do to be different because I get bored with the same thing!!

Hair- I always go for different colors and or styles! Through this I have come to the realization I wish I could do more things with my hair now that it is long. Should be easy right? Well, for some reason I am not too creative, or I have these ideas but cant seem to carry them out on myself! boo! All I have is the curl, straight, and side pony tail! I see all of these messy hairstyles that look so awesome, and I have yet to get it down. But I am still trying! Hopefully I will conquer some of these styles I am going for.

I also love love love makeup! I love to do different things! I get inspirations from pictures and often try and duplicate them! Even if it doesn't come out perfect you still get a cool final product! :) I have hazel eyes, so the colors needed to make those pop are purples with gray, & warm shimery shades of bronze, gold! I always try different ways to do eyeliner also. Thick on top and nothing on bottom, thin on top and thin on bottom all the way across, thick on top & just on lower eye lid to outside....there are a ton of different ways! :) If you are anything like me I have problems with my eyeliner staying on my bottom eye. I have tried so many different kinds of eyeliner and have found this little one that I love!
It stays on all day and love the definition!:) Here are a few photos of different eye makeups that are a must try! :)

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  1. OMG! I am so jealous of your eye shape! You can do so many fun eye make up looks! :)