Saturday, July 16, 2011

Shoes are a Girls Best Friend

I love me some shoes! Of course, like any girl! I love boots, flats, sandals, wedges, &heels....well I guess that is about every type of shoe out there!! Every time I get the urge to shop shoes are always the first item I navigate too!(Maybe because this is the one item you always know your size and doesn't make you feel fat!) Second would have to be jeans, closely followed by accessories!:)

Living in Kerrville has made it hard to find some fun shopping being that it tends to have more "retired" people. Along with being in a retired town, places are also only open 9-5 and may be open on weekends. Makes it hard for a 8-5 working girl to try out any shops I've "heard" about! Well being that I have a bad a** job that does cool events I got the opportunity to go to a new place called Passion for Fashion Monday! We are having a "fashion 'show" for the ladies at the club and this is the store we will be showcasing AND I get to be a model for a day! Anyways this store has cute stuff! Now mind you, it def has more "retired"lady things, BUT it does have cute shoes, jewelry, and some cute clothes! This is my best bet for now!!! I already went back and bought these fabulous shoes!! They felt the perfect match to my upbeat personality and fun style!:)

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