Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend {Wrap~Up}

Monday, you have come back around. I sure hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We did, despite the cold weather :) I must say, I hate the cold, but I love it! :) 'Tis true, you can do both! 

Friday Josh and I enjoyed a night in. We had pizza and watched 7 Days in Utopia! It was a nice relaxing night, Rocky thought so at least!

Saturday we lounged around all morning then went into town to run a few errands before Josh's teetime at 2pm. I was going to ride with him, but a friend ended up going, so Brittney and I carved pumpkins before getting ready for halloween!

Josh and I got all dressed up for halloween this year! It was our first halloween together in a while, so that is always fun! We went out with a couple of friends from here, and had a ball. Even saw a guy get pulled over, jump out of his car and run. Yes, RAN straight into the river and swam from the cop in 45 degree weather. That man be cray! Cops were everywhere looking for him, final word we got was he was not found. Not sure why he ran, it seemed to be a normal traffic pull over, drunken I believe. He had a blown out front tire but was just driving on it, then boom he ran! 
and Josh won the Costume Contest and won $100! What a night! 
Woody and a Fairy

The Finalist

Sunday consisted of couch time, messing with the pony, walk with the pups, and more couch time! It was a productive weekend! How did you spend your weekend??

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  1. Stopping by from the Weekend Update link-up. That drunk guy story is AWESOME! Definitely makes for a memorable night, no?

  2. ahhhhh Rocky, such a little sleeepy head!

    your weekend looks so fun, I wish I didn't have nothing to do for Halloween and could have got all cute like you guys!

    glad you had such a great weekend:)

  3. Congrats on the success at the Halloween party! And that is nuts that the guy SWAM away from the cops! I've never heard of such a thing!

  4. a swimming drunk fugitive? You sure don't see that everyday! hahaha

  5. I bet that guy in the bizarre Three's Company costume thought he had it in the bag. SUCKA!