Monday, October 1, 2012

{Weekend} Recap

This weekend we continued the celebration of my birthday in FW with my sister and brother in law and mother in law! We headed out Thursday after work and had dinner with Teej and Beej at a fun bar and just hung out! Friday Josh and I shopped and then went to his moms before heading out to Pluckers to watch the Rangers game and grab some drinks and dinner! Sister and Teej joined us for that as well!  We headed home Saturday morning and it was nice to enjoy Saturday afternoon and night along with Sunday at home! We rode horses, watched football, cooked, and played song pop! :) 
Pictures from the weekend!! :) 
{Love my Hubby}
{Birthday drinks with the hubs...and our Honeymoon beer was on menu}

{Dinner at Pluckers}
{Josh and his Mom}
{New Hair}
{Rocks weekend- he partied hard}

{Got asked to be a bmaid in my oldest friends wedding!}
{Pinterest Recipe--delish Pork in the crockpot}
On another note, anyone watch RHONJ Reunion? Trash...I know, but I am addicted! EEEK! It is going to be a crazy reunion! Cannot wait! Teresa be cray.

Happy Monday,


  1. I watched it :) Parts I and II. It's only cray cray because of Teresa. She is seriously delusional! I feel bad for her :(

    1. Yes, Teresa is crazay. They are just trying to make her see and she does not at all. So sad.