Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Sampson!

Today we celebrate our little Sammy boys birthday.

Today he turns 12 years old. He is grumpy, always wants his way, smells, slobbers, hard of hearing, going blind, and cannot sleep through a whole night, but today it's ALL about him!!:)

Sampson entered Josh's life his sophomore year of high school and then two years later he entered my life! Not because Josh and I began dating (that was a little over a year later), but because Josh lived right down the road from me and I had to stop while driving home plenty of times to let Sam cross the road Everyone knows Sampson. And to this day everyone ask Josh about him and when Josh replies he is still kicking every person's response is " He is still alive?"

Meet Sam!!

Sampson has always been a ladies man since a very early age. He became a dad at an early age, and then got ran over and broke his hips while leaving his puppy mama house. But it didn't slow him down.
Sampson loves his car rides.
Feeding deer with Dad

And don't let those short legs fool you. This guy can run with the best and swim with them as we'll. It's amazing those things keep his body afloat.
Look at him go
Let me go Dad, I'm ready!
I better not fall in Dad
Rub a dub dub

Sampson loves to admire his beauty.

And he loves his beauty sleep

Maybe more than food

Okay so maybe not more than food!

Either way Sam you have brought joy, laughter, frustration and stank and into our lives! We can't imagine this life without you! So happy Birthday to you! 12 years of a crazy life and more to come!
Dad will celebrate with us when he gets home! It's just us 3 for now. We love you big guy!!


  1. i love this! :) Happy bday to the silliest old man out there-Sammy! :) <3

  2. Happiest birthday to Sampson from Floyd!! LOVE all of the pictures, especially the sleeping ones. I love love love a sleeping hound face!

  3. Wow Sampson has had a pretty eventful life! Hope he enjoys his birthday!

  4. Oh my gosh! His ears! I want him!!!

  5. he is freaking adorable, and I died laughing at the baby momma house story, obviously not at the fact that he broke his hip, :(

    I hope he had a very very very happy birthday! :):)

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