Sunday, October 14, 2012

Letting Go

Letting go is never easy...I'm talking letting go of anything, that favorite top, your worries and problems, favorite shoe etc. At the end of day it is life and we have to live our life and letting go is apart of life and moving on.

I recently let go of Coup. This past Thursday Josh loaded up Coup and met me after work at a camp for a guy to look at Coup. All the starts aligned and my prayers were answered. Coup would be going to a new home. And not just any home. He will be living on Lake Travis where Girl Scouts will be loving on him all the time!!!!!!

Even though I am sad to let him go and let go of that guy that had been such a huge part of my life for 8 years, I could not have asked for a better place for him to go. With him being hurt, this had been weighing on my heart and I had been praying a lot for god to give me a path for him and that he did!!!!

A dream of mine had been to take pictures in my wedding gown with a dark horse, and coup was that horse! This past week was my only chance to get them done before him possibly going to a new home. So Tuesday Josh bathed Coup, charged the camera, and hooked up the trailer. I got home from work and got my dress and off we went to do our own little photo shoot. Josh def gets husband of the year award. He was so on board for this because he knew how much it meant to me! And the pictures came out amazing. I am so pleased with them and so happy that I got to do this and have a great last memory with Coup! Below are a few of the shots my sweet husband took!:)

Love this boy

And that is how I spent my Tuesday night last week! Things have been busy but hope they slow down now! Weekend recap tomorrow!!!:)


  1. WOW! these pictures are fantastic!!! seriously though, those sunset shots...amazeee. your husband did a great job and you look gorgeous..what a special way to remember coup—goodbyes are so tough but it sounds like he'll be oh so happy there :)

  2. Gorgeous photos! I can't imagine how hard it must have been to give him up. It's been my life dream to get my own horse, but seeing as I haven't even had the time to go riding regularly in the past three years, I know now isn't the time. One day though...
    This is a great way to remember Coup. One of my absolute favorite photos is of our family dog and me from my senior prom. We had to let her go a few years ago, and that photo is such a great reminder of all the good times we shared.

  3. Love this! And Coup is going to be so happy! You are so strong and you inspire me every day! <3

  4. I am SO impressed with Josh's photography skills! You and Coup looking amazing... that's no surprise, of course! You look gorgeous in your dress! I think a week after my wedding I had gained about 30 lbs.