Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was a nice relaxing one at home. It included some of my favorite things:DVR, complete control over remote, easy meals,workout,riding horse, wineries in Fredericksburg with my friend Jess and her MIL and Nanie!!!! And my Aggies won!!! Only thing missing was my hubby :(

Jess and me tasting wines!
The group. Fun day!
Love her!
Josh was out of town if couldn't tell. He hopped on a plane Friday to go play hunting guide and I stayed home, of course lol. We have been so busy I hadn't watched any of my shows, so I got to catch up on those! RHOM is getting juicy now, I love Married to Jonas, The beards are back! Now waiting on RHONJ craziness to start!

I am linking up  Sami Dana and Leeann for weekend Update!

Hope everyone has a happy Monday! Hopefully now with my new app and iPad I will start blogging more.


  1. You have a horse! Thats amazing. I have always wanted one!

  2. My life is so much better with the return of Duck Dynasty.

    SMD @

  3. I caught up on RHONJ and it is beyond crazy!!

  4. found you though the blog hop!
    ohh my gosh I looooove your blog and your puppies!, I have a boxer too! :):

    newest follower:)