Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Celebrating my Birth!

Today is my birthday! Yep, the big 2-6! The day you get facebook post out the wazoo and feel so special! The day you sit and contemplate if you should comment thanks on each post, like each post, or just do one big status!! Oh, the decisions!!!!

Here is how birthdays have changed over the years....

At 4 it was all about the party theme, and what gifts you were going to get and what to put on the cake
At 8 it was what nike shorts and shirt I was going to wear and how many scrunches to put in my    

At 13 you cared about whispy bangs, and KSWISS and could not wait to be a teenager

At 16 I cared what I was going to wear for Spirit week, and what color glitter to wear to cheer in, and making sure I was going to get my volleyball and basketball number I wanted...oh yes remember those days!

At 18 it was how much money I could win at Senior Night, and how I was going to decorate my dorm room....oh man BRIGHT PINK AND GREEN, what was i thinking??

At 21 how to celebrate my 21st birthday and not be the drunk 21 year old....hmmm anyone pull that off?

then it all went downhill....22 boring....23 even more...24...closer to 25....

25 Mid-Twenties! Far from 21....and closer to 30...but it Wasnt bad! Quite good number! I enjoyed my 25th year on this earth! Lots of wonderful things happened! I married my best friend, gained a new family, Josh got promoted, I got a new job....25 treated me damn well to say the least :)

and now at 26- I am debating what to wear for my profession, attending happy hour instead of a night at the bar, and am a regular at the car dealership and grocery store rather than mall and northgate!!! And fun is now a night at home riding my horse and cooking dinner with my husband! AND I LOVE IT!

I am ready for you 26 and all you bring! This IS my golden birthday, so I sure hope it is a marvelous year! I cannot wait to enjoy time with my husband, family, and new adventures!!! Cheers to another year!

P.S. I will finish my wedding post soon. Hopefully on the road to Ft. Worth tomorrow I can do them!

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  1. Happy 26th year! Sounds like you've had a wonderful life so far :)