Monday, September 24, 2012

2 {Weekend} Recaps!

Yep, last weekend was too good of a weekend to not give it a post as well! So today's post will recap last weekend and this past weekend! :) 

Josh left on Tuesday to go to Colorado...and my parents came into town Friday to stay with me for the weekend and a little pre-birthday celebration since I would not see them on my birthday! We rode Friday night and then decided to run to SA Saturday for a little shopping and birthday dinner! :) We ate at joe's my favorite! and I got my birthday present a little IPAD! :) I was so excited and absolutely love it!! The weather was crappy Sunday so we enjoyed the morning and most of afternoon on counch watching TV and Hidalgo...and then the second the rain broke, me and dad hurried and went to ride Missy Mae! We rode around half of the ranch and dad and the puppies rode gator. It started sprinkling right as I got on and stopped. Then once we got to the front gate an all out rain started. It was fun!! :) But we def got weT! Thanks parents for an awesome weekend! Always have a good time when you guys are down!!!

Gotta love timer pics!
Love my Rock!

Boxer Love!

This weekend was a nice low kew fun weekend! We arrived Friday and all just hung out on our friends deck and chatted! It was so fun to talk, we literally laugh constantly. I got these glasses as part of my gift from my friend and they were a hit all weekend! They were so creepy, yet hilarious! It was impossible to keep a straight face while talking to anyone with them on.

We didn't want the hassle of putting up a tailgate Saturday so decided to get Pedi's, Shop, and cook out at the house! We made guac, spinach queso (yum), burgers, Sangria Punch, and cookies! It was all so delish! After the girls changing a total of 15 times we were ready to go to the game! :) We chilled at Northgate, bars, then headed over to Kyle Field! The game was a blow out and we won easy, but it was still fun!!! 

New panoramic photo with iOS6

Wonderful weekend to say the least and cannot wait for this week! It should prove to be awesome as well! My birthday, riding, MNF, Birthday Dinner, and FW Thursday, and New Hair on Friday!!! 
So blessed! :) Here are a few of my favorites right now to leave you with this Monday:

Missy Mae...Feels so good to be riding again. I am happy!

His and Hers golf set! Love learning this new sport good thing the Hubby is avid golfer!

My Current Jam
Love this show

Have a wonderful Manic Monday :)


  1. Love this post! I'd love you to check out my blog and Facebook page too, B x

  2. I'll have a big ol glass of that sangria punch please! :) And your Samspson is adorable!!

  3. I haven't been to a game since I graduated, I don't think! I really want to :( I hope we can get season tickets one year when the lil booger is older!