Monday, September 10, 2012

{Weekend} Recap & Labor Day

Hello Lovelies! What a gorgeous Monday it is here in the Hill Country. It was a cool 50 this morning and now 62!:) I love fall and am so excited for the cooler weather! Fall can go back to being my favorite time of year, since my husby is no longer away for the entire time guiding hunts in CO! He is now home, with me! And we get to watch football every Sunday together, it is the little things people, the little things! :) In no time Nov. will be here and hunting season will start, but alas he will be here working and not away! :) 

I hope everyone had a very fun or low key weekend! I enjoyed mine, but of course if it isn't one thing it is another right?(dryer)Josh left Saturday morning and got home late that night from playing in a company golf tournament! I did some domestic wifey duties like a good wife, and enjoyed some aggie football! Although we lost, I am and will always be one proud Aggie! It will be a long season, but none the less it was nothing that wasn't expected! Cant wait to be at Kyle field in 2 weeks to watch the Ags, and husby gets to go FINALLY! 

Sunday we did a whole lot of nothing. By 11 am we were already finished riding Missy Mae! She was a little pill last week, and we were not sure if she was hurt or being a pill, well no worries just being a pill! She tried it a few times yesterday, but I set her straight and she did great! It feels wonderful to be riding again!!! And then we ended the night with our dryer not working...perfect. Hopefully can figure that out soon, plus side is it was out last load. Here are a few photos from our weekend at home!

Sunday Evening Rum with the Husby
My DIY Workout shirt...the shirt was huge so thats why looks that way

A visitor we had before dinner
We made a pallet to watch the Game and Rocky just made himself comfy

I promised pictures from Labor Day weekend! So this is kind of a double weekend recap! Labor day we had about 14 people down for the "1st Annual Turds & Birds Dove Hunt" (Josh's clever name for the weekend) Birds weren't flying like they had been since we had gotten rain, but the guys and randi, def got a good bit. 125 birds the first day! Us girls went to kerrville that morning for Pedi's and lunch for Botzong's Birthday! Once home we spent a couple of hours at the pool then the 3 of us went driving around, and what a trip that was! LOL. 

Sunday the fun continued with a day at the pool and volleyball. Not many birds flying that day, but we enjoyed dove that night and a night of beer pong, corn hole, and laughs. Monday we all sat around in the living room reminiscing over the weekend and laughing at all the photos.

Here are just a few of the photos from my camera.

I am preparing myself for the most shocking Bachelor Pad Finale yet! Have a great Monday Night!

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