Thursday, September 13, 2012

4-20-2012 The Rehearsal Dinner

And the week quickly approached and before I knew it, the day before my wedding had arrived! Some background information on our wedding the is good to know! We got married outside on a tee box on the golf course I work at...and had the reception outside under a tent on the driving range- which is in a valley essentially). All of these which have never been done before at this venue! It was a ceremony spot we fell in love with together, and the tent was something we had wanted because we wanted to be outdoors! Outdoor weddings are scary especially here in Texas and in the Hill have to hope there is no rain, no wind, and no 100+ degree weather. I knew this going into it and tried to pep are myself the whole time with the mind set that on the day of  my attitude no matter what would be "Oh well...nothing I can do about it now" We had several back up plans to say the least but nothing really set:
 Rain- Indoor ceremony but possible tent reception still.
Pour all week but sunny day of: Ceremony outdoor and indoor reception but no tent because ground wouldn't hold
Light Sprinkle- Tent Recep. Call it as we see it for ceremony

Luckily the weeks forecast looked fine, minus the wind. It changed daily so all we could do was cross our fingers and pray! Our parents arrived to our home Wednesday, and the Tent went up Thursday, then Bridal Party and rest of family arrived Friday. 

The Boys played golf that morning and us girls did mani's and had a luncheon with my mom! It did rain on Friday morning, but nothing bad and I was calm! The weekend I had planned for a year, and gone over in my head with every detail and plan for months, was finally thoughts: Nothing I can do now. I have given everyone information and times and done what I can so I cannot stress now! 

Our rehearsal began at 6 and I forgot my beautiful ribbon bouquet my sister made me...dern! The wind was 20 MPH that day, and boy was it windy....after rehearsal wrapped up we went up to the Club for dinner. This night was incredible. Getting to be with my family and dearest friends as Josh and I prepared for this amazing journey we were about to begin! Gifts were given, speeches were given, tears of joy were shed, and a touching video made by my sister was viewed. Although this is not the glitz and glam of the dress, and rings, and bridesmaid and groomsmen, and flowers...this night was special! It too goes along with my wedding! :) Here are photos from the night before we said our "I Do's"
Josh and Me

MOH- My sister and Best Man- Bo

Uncle Josh and Weston
Uncle Josh and Dalton

My Family


Josh and his brothers- minus Jerk
Rehearsal Dinner
Bridesmaids & Houseparty


 Our wedding party was seriously amazing....looking at these photos reminds me how blessed we are to have such amazing people in our family. Below is the video my sister put together! Thanks Sister! Love you!

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