Thursday, September 6, 2012

Random and Aggie Football

I am so ecstatic that it is already Thursday! The weekend cannot come soon enough, even though I have cleaning and a ton of laundry to do---oh well still be a lazy weekend at the house! I have been MIA this week for a couple of reasons 1- Keep leaving my camera at home and forgetting to upload pics at home for a Labor Day update 2- There is a lot I want to say but sometimes better to keep in or save for another time so that then leads to 3- I have had nothing to write about!

So here I am, with a post full of randoms and gearing up for Aggie Football season! Labor Day was a blast from beginning to end. Regardless if Saturday I drove off with the pump to the gas tank still in my car, or busted a beer bottle at the pool, OR busted a brand new sauce pan was a good weekend.  Yeah, Saturday was not my day to say the least! More to come on that weekend soon. The pictures are too good not to post! And one video...oh em gee...hilarious! It is on our friends camera though, so maybe I can get it! :)

This little bad boy here is some pretty good makeup! I love it because it stays on all day...hence the 24 hours...and doesn't make my skin all blah! It's super reasonable/cheap...and can purchase at any HEB, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS! :) I have a problem with my makeup constantly coming off Eyeliner, and foundation or powder. My face just doesn't hold it. Recently I have tried this, which works, and been using eyeshadow as my eyeliner for my bottom lid. It seems to stay on a little better, which I enjoy. I hate having crappy makeup at the end of the day and looking like shiz!

Oh another thing to add to the week...Root Canal. Not me, but the Husby. Yep, Next Tuesday he gets to make his little way to SA and get a root canal. He has gorgeous teeth, I told him he needs to 1- get them taken care of and then 2- take care of them so he doesn't mess them up. STAY AWAY FROM CANDY!!! He sure does love that candy, sure he won't be eating that for awhile!

This weekend I will be home Saturday while Husby drives to his first company golf tournament on Saturday! Good luck to him! :)

And I leave you with a little motivation for the 1st Aggie Football game kick off on Saturday! COLLEGE GAME DAY!! Welcome to Aggieland, Florida!