Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Hold on a minute while I try and pick my jaw up off the ground and wrap my head around what I just watched on the PLL Summer Finale..............

wow, wow, wow

Please tell me there are some PLL fans out there! This weasly tv show that I began watching on my couch a couple years ago when I lived alone in CS is now not a weasly little tv show anymore. 

It has sex, murder, lies, lesbian love, and is this huge mystery of betrayal and A, who the heck is A. I am hooked. And to think this show comes on ABCFAMILY....what the heck? This is NOT a family or kid show. Hell, I get scared when I watch it home alone at night-correction-I will NOT watch it alone at home at night.  It scares me, and I am not ashamed to say it! haha!  Not that I think this A person is after me, but just how sneaky this person is and always spying....umm weird.

Josh makes fun of me for watching this and REFUSES to watch it with me and says "That show is stupid. Its the worse of all the ones you watch" Well that there people kind of makes me raise an you are telling me that all Real Housewives are BETTER than this show? and Keeping up with the Kardashians is BETTER than this? and Million Dollar Matchmaker is BETTER than this? hmmm, honey please! This is one of the few scripted shows I watch and it is def. not the worst! This is a conversation we have had multiple times, and I said "I am so shocked you won't watch this. It is a mystery and you love those.You don't like it because you couldn't find out who A is" and he did not disagree but did not agree- which in my book is a win!

Anyways the Summer Finale is mind boggling, for reals these writers are genius! I am seriously at a loss for words, which is okay because I do not want to ruin for any of you PLL lovers out there! I cannot wait for the next little season to start, I am guessing it will be a halloween episode! Just a wild guess! 

If you do not like this show for all of it's other awesomeness, the wardrobe is def a reason to watch it! I would love to live in Hanna or Aria's closet. Just for a week, or a month, or maybe my life! LOVE their style...they do have some really bombers but the majority are killer outfits! Not for everyone I might add, But it is up my alley! 

Well hopefully I will be able to understand what all this PLL episode means I might have to go watch it again since I was so tense the first time! 


  1. We watched this most of the first season, but missed several epsiodes near the end of it, and couldn't get back into it. I'm dying to know who A is, and maybe I'll try to catch up on Hulu or Netflix, you've got me intrigued! I agree, I have a hard time believing this is on ABCFamily - same with "Secret Life..." Different audience I suppose.

  2. I'm obsessed!!! with the show and their fashion, too! :) I love the pink dress Hannah is wearing in one of the photos you posted!

  3. I don't watch PLL. But I did just start watching Revenge. That's close, right.?