Friday, August 17, 2012

Yep, My Favorite Day!

Whooo Hooo we made it through another work week. This is exactly how I feel every Friday today! It is hot, okay hot is an understatement, it is the kind of heat where when  I run and I feel like I am literally gasping for air because I am so tired it is so hot I fell like I am gasping for last bit of oxygen the world has but cannot find any! Dramatic? Maybe a little, but running outside just does not seem like an option for this gal in the month of August being in Texas. Conclusion-make excuses and say too hot and not do a whole lot....well that ended yesterday! 

I made a vow to quit making excuses and do something about it. Skinny does not happen by doing nothing. The hardest step is the first, and I repeat this to myself every time before I go work out. Just do it. You will feel way better after! and that is just what I did yesterday. With the heat, I decided to stick to an indoor workout and throw a little INSANITY in my life. This workout be insane I tell you, but it feels oh soo good! 

I started yesterday and will hopefully get in my second workout today before I have to be at the lodge to workout. This will require me to go straight home, change, workout, then hurry and get to lodge! I can do it though! No more excuses!!!! It hurts no one but me! 

I then enjoyed our nice jet tub to try and beat some soreness out of my body, so I would be able to work out today. If you have done this workout, you know how much it kicks your tail. And to be honest, I'm competitive and like to get pushed and surprisingly this video does that. It pushes me and Shaun T is motivating! 

If you haven't tried this fast paced cardio workout, I think you should! It is def worth it and beats being out in the heat!! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

No more excuses,

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  1. Ohhh... the insanity work out. That's tough. At least you have a jet tub. Lucky!