Tuesday, August 21, 2012

{Weekend} a day late

Did anyone else feel like this yesterday? Rock just wanted to tuck his head under and go back to bed, which was exactly how I felt! Especially when I got into my car and the whole screen with controls and navigation was black :( Dora is headed back to the dealership today, and hopefully they will get that fixed.

We had a wonderful weekend! It was nice to be at home and get a little organized and catch up on laundry, until we ran out of detergent....oops! My life is back to normal again, or at least my normal. It is organized and slowly by slowly getting more organized and doing the little things I have wanted to for the past 8 months! :) 

First things first: we built our wine and liquor shelves! They turned out great if I do say so myself!

1- Find a pallet

2- Cut the pallet to look like the picture above. We measured 13 inches from the bottom

3- place a 1x4 (I think) on the bottom for the base

and woo-laa there you have a wine shelf. We hung them with hercules hooks!

The liquor shelf we kind of came up with on our own, and was a little more difficult. Once you have cut the pallet you must get off the front board, and that my friends is not an easy task. But no worries, we got it! Once the front is off you either take off another board from the pallet or find a 1x6 and place on bottom to hold the liquor! This one has no front so the liquor bottles will fit! 
The tearing away of the pallet--not easy

I also made our inside pups name plates for their prospective eating area~ They turned out cute!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I know we did! I have now completed day 4 of insanity, and am on day 5 today! I have a hectic schedule and life, so I printed off the calendar and am marking off the days as I go, I took my day off on Sunday, so I have 5 more days until my next day off. I am really enjoying it, and how it makes me feel! And yet again, we have a very busy week, but I will keep getting my workouts done! :) 

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I love your wine and liquor shelves. Those liquor bottles wouldn't last a week at my house... not because we'd drink them silly! (although....) But we have been having so many earthquakes lately!