Thursday, August 16, 2012

A little re-decorating

 "I throw my hands up in the air sometimes"
Whew! It is almost Friday!! I know Rock is excited, just look at him! :) I hope everyone has fun plans! I will be at home cooking a little for the workers, and doing some good ol' crafts! You see, when we moved in to our house and my BIL moved out, he left 4 big mounts in the living area because he did not have a place to put them, and we did not have enough stuff to fill the space-- so it worked out grand! Well he just packed up and moved out to Colorado for hunting season and for good, which meant the mounts all went with him leaving us lots of space.

So this kicked my creativeness into overdrive. Pinteresting began! With the recent tornando, we have a ton of scrap wood lying around everywhere and I plan to use that to my advantage. So I will be doing a bunch of little projects this weekend for the casa! Our first project was to move our cross wall from the kitchen to the living area to fill up the space where the wine/liquor rack was and then we will hopefully build 2 wine/liquor shelves this weekend for the kitchen
I also finished this little project last night as well! Remember the post last week with Mail holder ideas? Well tada here it is! Best part- it was FREE! I made it all from items I had at the house! It will def get the job done for now!

Lastly, has anyone been watching Hard Knocks? GREAT SHOW! I am addicted and cannot wait for football season. It covers an NFL football team and their training camp, this year it is the Dolphins and airs every Tuesday and is showing what happened the week before. So on this week's episode you saw the first pre-season game, a quaterback that is out for a few weeks and why, and CHAD JOHNSTON's arrest and getting let go! So next week should be good also! You will see everyone battling for that spot! Also, a guy I went to highschool with is on there, random.

Happy Thursday!

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