Thursday, August 2, 2012

Another Day, Another Dollar

Today, for the first time ever, I am linking up with Bargain Blonde for her "How I Make That Money Honey" Link up! 

To be real honest, I debated, but had such a fun time seeing what everyone does in the real world I decided to join in on the fun! Even if I am no expert in this blogging world and a newbie! 

Well here is how my story starts out! I went to a little school by the name of Texas A&M! I was a small town girl in a big school town. I fell in love with the town & School! I loved it there and knew that was where I was suppose to be. 

I majored in Sports Mgmt. with a minor in Business and wanted so badly to work within the equine  industry doing marketing and event planning. I had made so many contacts my the last 1yr and 1/2 of school but learned quickly there is not much turnover rate within the equine industry. I graduated on a Saturday in May of 2009 and began my first job in the real world the following Tuesday. I worked as a leasing coordinator for a luxury student living property. It was a job, it paid the bills and gave me money to spend, it worked! I did marketing and advertising for the company, closing sales to pro sects, managing databases, and out and about on campus marketing. After almost a year, I was miserable. My boss and I did not get a long and I was not happy. 

God Answered my prayers, and my previous boss from my college part-time job called and offered me an Account Executive (fancy word for sales) position with the ABC Affiliate in the BCS area. It was an offer I could not turn down and I accepted. I was the youngest he had hired in his history of being a manager, and I did not want to disappoint. Although, I loved this job and did well at it, my hear was no longer in CS. Josh, my current husband, lived 4 hours away working on a high fence game ranch. I began applying to jobs in Kerrville, where the job market is slim. I stumbled up on a Admin. Assistant Job at a Country Club and Golf Course and applied. The job seemed perfect for me. It was being an assistant to the membership and events director at Comanche Trace.

Long story short I got the job, loaded up and moved and never turned back. I have now been here over a year and a half and simply love what I do.  I have transitioned from Events and Membership Event Marketing  to the marketing department. Before my sole purpose was events and marketing membership events. I loved it, but the hours were unpredictable. My boss left, and we did some reorganizing. I knew the events position was not for me. I had just gotten married, literally, and I have an hour commute one way. Luckily, I got transitioned to my new department as Marketing Assistant for the Club. I LOVE IT! 

What do I do? I help market Comanche Trace as a community and as a whole along with I am the assistant editor to our bimonthly magazine we produce, Lifestyle. I do ads, marketing campaigns, edits, photos, photo shop, contact writers, meetings, website,and anything else that comes our way! There are only 2 of us in our departments, so we wear plenty of hats. I could not be happier with where I am at and the opportunity to expand my skills in marketing. I am learning new things every day and blessed to have such a knowledgable boss to help me along the way!

So that is what I do to make that money!

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