Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weekend at {Home}

This weekend Josh, Rock, and I loaded up and headed north! I love when I get to go home and spend time with family- sister event made it!! Laughs, up late and up early, and love is what is in full when I go home. I would not want to be anywhere else! Luckily I got off early on Friday so we did not get home too late- it is quite the haul home!

The only down side- the visit is always too fast! We brought the trailer home this weekend so we could haul back home this little gem: 
Meet Missy Mae

Yep, a new horse. I went home this weekend to visit my mom and dad, dad is feeling much better but still gets a little tired- but he will be back to 100% soon, and also try a horse. It is crazy, my dad has had his eye on this mare since she was a 2 year old. I rode her as a 3 year old, but just never was able to buy her. She is now 6 and has blossomed into a beautiful horse. She is broke, but green. Has not been hauled and does not know barrels! She is my new little project and I am trying her for the next month to see if we will get a long and be her new home!

I also tried a little sorrel named Annie, but we decided to go with Missy! This was how our families Saturday morning began! The weather was perfect!


After riding, we all got ready and went to eat at Bara's, good ol' Mexican food! 

Goofy Josh
Josh and I then headed out to see his best friend and best man from his wedding and his new baby girl! Josh and her share the same birthday!!! :) We visited with him, his wife, and step daughter for a little while before heading to Josh's uncle's house to take photos of Deer! 

Yep, we worked while we were gone! Josh is trying to bring numbers up at the ranch so coming to the boss with photos of deer is his best bet! That was fun! We rode the 4 wheeler and shot a lot of pics!

The weekend was pure perfection! So much fun with the family!! We sure do know how to have a good time when we all get together! 

Being goofy

sister and dad

Being us

Hope everyone has a great Day! I had a blah Monday, but getting to go home and work with Missy Mae made it way better! Yesterday our goal was to get her under the barn and on concrete...seems small but it was a huge accomplishment! We were very pleased with her! Her mind is sound and she is calm! Coupers has been a great help! :)



  1. Oh my gosh... really... two horses... and possibly a LV bag as well. (I can't tell.) I would just like to trade lives with you for a day. Maybe a month. Lets try to make it happen.

  2. I couldn't agree more -- there's nothing like going home!

  3. missy mae is so gorgeous! i would love to own a horse or just go riding one time