Friday, August 10, 2012


Organization is something I like to live by, but do not always do so all the time! My husby cracks up at me, because I get random spells where I see something messy, and have to fix it RIGHT AWAY! For reals though, I do.  For example, I am leaving to go to work and notice all the mail on the bar, which drives me cray, and I go through it all....trash the old meaningless, and go to our desk-the catch all be all- and organize it and throw things away and put things away...all this at 6:15 in the a.m. Cray- I know.

Which has now landed me into my new project idea and pinterest inspirations. Next weekend we are home, so my goal is to organize the whole desk area, get a calendar up for the upcoming hunting and football season, and get something for mail and bills! I have been researching pinterest and google for ideas and have come across a few! I am thinking I am going to go to Wal-Mart, and Hometown Crafts (our small town version of Hobby Lobby), and maybe a thrift store or two and see what I can throw together for this little project. I am thinking one Dry Erase calendar, a cork board, dry erase weekly calendar, and mail holder along with a year calendar, because everyone knows Josh and I need every month near by!! :) We have the perfect area to have this! I will post before and after pictures once completed, unless it is an epic fail and I hate it and give up- which is a possibility!!

So below are my inspirations and where I plan to start. Tonight is part 1 of the process- going through the desk and cleaning and seeing what all I need! Then next week begin shopping for my supplies! 

This link below has a cute idea also

Wish me luck that I don't give up and finish this project!

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