Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Did that really just happen?

So last Thursday was quite the eventfull day for this family, although living on the ranch and if you read this blog it always seems like something is going on doesn't it? Water goes out, Electricity out,  horse cuts leg, baby calf raising, cow chasing, parachute man landing...all kinds of things..well anyways! Last Thursday Josh had to come to town for work so we decided to run a few erands and grab a bite to eat and drinks in town. While at dinner, it began to rain, and the Direct TV went out for a bit, when it came back on the weather showed red and yellow where we live. We said "Oh, maybe we are getting some rain" It literally always misses us (supposedly living on the top of the hill and elevated has something to do with it or something like that.).  

We come home to this....

A tornando literally went through the main compound and hit the lodge, hunters cabin, and one of our barns. It went RIGHT BY my horse. We called our neighbors and asked if they had a tornando and they said "No, we had some rain and light wind nothing bad" They were shocked to hear the damage we had so came over to see it all. You can literally see the trail that the tornando hit. Tree's were down, roof was missing off lodge, it blew debree everywhere, took the whole porch and roof off Cabin and flipped it over top and across the road which is about 50 ft. Went right by Coup's barn and hit the other barn and took off whole covered area and roof and threw tin everywhere. The same barn that just got 24,000 LBS of feed :/. Luckily, our house was fine and our animals were fine. Nelson was a little nervous because he is an outside dog. All is fine now, minus the mess to be cleaned up and roofs to be fixed, but all in time my friends!


  1. HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!! Poor coup and Nelson!!!! So glad they are ok!!!!

  2. oh my gosh, that's crazy!! glad everybody's okay, but sorry about that feed :(

    it's pretty incredible that you guys live there, it looks like an amazing place!

    1. Yes, we are very blessed to live in such a beautiful place! Luckily, we were able to save most feed because once again, the rain came, but was quick!