Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday I am happy you have decided to show your face again, just wish it was more often
Dear Port Aransas I honestly am sad that I am missing our date this weekend and do not get to sit in our new beach chairs with a cold adult beverage we bought just for you. Dear Anheuser Busch Although you ruined my plans this weekend I will get over it. The nice treat of drinks you packed in my fridge due to 1 week out of date should ease the pain :) Dear Husband You make me smile thanks for making my coffee this morning and shooting me an axis for cooking meat, finally!
Dear Facetime Thank you for letting me keep in touch with my family and see this cute little guy's face weekly!

Dear Rocky Thank you for being so darn cute and bringing so much happiness to my life but please stop getting into trash. 2x this week is not you.

And last Dear Asics My feet cannot wait to meet you and make running a part of my life again!

Have a great weekend!

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