Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ever Get Easier?

Another weekend in the books. It seems I only have time to do one post a week now a days and that post always talks about the weekend! ;)

Just another Friday nigt
Well this weekend was a nice little weekend with my Husband! We cooked out Steaks Friday night and had us a little date night! At 8:15 we drove around the ranch to look at animals! :) And much to our disappointment not much was out. 

Saturday we left mid morning and headed to SA for a little shopping and horse racing! We met some of my old friends from College that we hadn't gotten to hang out with in FOREVER. We ate dinner at Chuys, I love me some mexican food! Then went on to the horse races!

Horse Races
Josh and I never make large bets! We went in with $25 total. and after paying for seats and admission to enter gate I think we had around $12-$14 that we started with to bet on! Our goal was to not have to go to the ATM and we accomplished that! We walked away with $16 :) We don't make any large bets, but we still have fun!

A horse went down on the last race, after the finish line. My body began to shake, my heart sank, and my eyes began to fill with tears. After almost 9 years since I had to make the decision to put the best horse down that I will over own, it does not get any easier to see a horse go down. NOT ONE BIT. It takes me right back to that very night and I feel all the same feelings. As I sit here and type I still hurt and cry. It was probably the hardest day of my life that I have had in my 25 years of life. Through it all, I still look at the path god sent me on with this incident and I couldnt be more blessed with where I am today. Will I ever own a better horse than Showbox, NEVER, but I will be able to learn from each one because of him.  My husband is amazing, because not once does he ever tell me to get over it, or toughen up, or think I am dumb for still getting so upset; instead he comforts me and puts his heart exactly where mine is at that moment and comforts me. He knows how upset it makes me and knows that every day until I probably die when I see a horse get injured It will be hard, and he has to be there for me. Now that my friends is true love and I am so Lucky to have someone who doesn't necessarily understand the horse world, or understand my pain directly but because he loves me he gets it and understands it now indirectly though me. Anyone who reads my blog, has seen the posts, references, and comments of Showbox still to this day.  I pray he is enjoying his life in Heaven and has found someone to love like he loved me and someone has found him! Because he was def a one person horse and blossomed after we purchased him. One day we will meet again, in a much better place.

Showbox-The One & Only- Blessed to own such an amazing animal

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