Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February Cara Box Reveal

Talk about a slacker! Geez! I had Friday off and took advantage of my 3 day weekend and did not document one thing. Terrible! So there was no Weekend Shenanigans link up for me this week, because a post where I just wrote what I did would be boring! 

Work is crazy, and working out has slacked the last few days. Hope to kick that one today! 

Anyways, I am linking up with Kaitlyn for my Cara Box Reveal! 

I had the pleasure of getting to know two fellow Texans this month which was awesome! Although, I did not get to meet them in person, I still had fun getting to know them better! Lauren sent me my 
cara box, and she did Awesome!!!! 

This month's theme was Club Sexy, and a bit difficult, but I think Lauren did Perfect! 

Here is my box!

In my cars box I received Lip Balm, Nail Polish and Earrings to make me feel pretty for my date night! 
Along with Candles to set the mood and chocolates to enjoy! Also, a deck of cards for husband and I each to fill out reason why we love each other! I had seen that floating around so I am excited to do it! 
And last but not least, a bone for Rocky boy! He just loves these Cara Box exchanges because he always gets a gift. I would be lying if I said he was not at my feet looking up as I opened package because he knew there was something for him, and he was right!!!

I loved getting to know Lauren and thank her for creating a Club Sexy night for me and my husband!

Hope everyone has a happy Tuesday! 

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