Wednesday, February 6, 2013


So like the rest of the world I made New Years Resolutions to "lose weight" or "get in shape" basically I wanted to get back on the workout routine and eating right. I am eating better and feel a lot better! Of course, I have had a few cheat meals here and there...dang you weekends with friends...but all in all it has gone pretty well. I am a very competitive person and my kind of motivation is competition. My good friend and I began a little friendly competition to keep us both motivated and driven to reach our goal and end result: Being in shape for our FL trip come April for a friends wedding. We will be there for 6 days.

So what do we do? We run 3 miles and take a picture of what we did and our time. 
It has seriously motivated me so much. I never use to complete 3 miles, and you can bet your money I do now. There is no way I am going to slack and send her a 2 mile run. or a 3 mile walk/run that is extremely slow. I am going to do my best so she see's I am working and visa versa. 
1 week ago
I hit emergency stop 2.3 miles in on this that stinks.
Today's run with hills

There has been so many times I want to stop, but push through! I love running outside rather than treadmill, but I do both and mix it up so I can add inclines on treadmill.And then after I do arms and abs. I ride horses and get a lot of butt and leg workouts in with that, but will do more if need to! I am pleased that I am still going and still feeling motivated, actually more motivated than ever! I WILL see a difference come April!  

The husband helps push me with abs and arms and I am slowly seeing a bit of definition...see...

Barely, I know...but some. This was taken the other week also ;)

What do you do to keep motivated? What are some running tricks you do?

And no post is complete without a pic of my little boy! While the husband was away to FL, what did we do? Well no other than play hide and seek! It is Rocky's favorite!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!


  1. Good for you girl!! I'm also on this fitness/weight loss journey, and finding that extra motivation is definitely the key! That's a great idea to do it with a friend. Keep up the hard work!!

  2. looove that idea of having a friend for motivation, such a great plan!
    Everytime I am all like "no I don't want to go to the gym today" I envision putting on my adorable wedding dress and than not being able to fit into it. I don't think I could drive any faster after that.
    now I am in the routine and I hate NOT going.

    you and Rocky play hide and seek tooo! ohhh my gosh! sooo funny.
    where are you going to be in Florida in april??????